Excellent Deer Cube Steak Recipe

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If you’re looking for a good deer cube steak recipe, then look no further. We’ve perfected this recipe over the years and it’s sure to be a hit with your family. Deer cube steak comes from the should and is a tougher cut of meat. This means that it needs to be prepared a littler bit differently than other, more tender portions of the deer.

The first part of preparing a deer cube steak is processing the meat. The should meat should be cut into about 1/2 inch pieces, then tenderize by pound the meat with a meat tenderizer. This will help to soften the meat and allow the tissue to break down when cooking.

Deer cube steak is actually a really good source of lean protein. It contains very little fat and cholesterol but contains several vitamins and minerals. It can be used in a variety of dishes such as stew or casserole. Today we’re going to be cooking the meat in a skillet.

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The Deer Cube Steak Recipe



  1. Begin by seasoning both sides of the cube steak with the garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, thyme, smoked paprika, and black pepper.
  2. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
  3. Place the cube steak into the skillet and cook for about 4-5 minutes on each side, or until the steak is nicely browned.
  4. Add in the beef broth and Worcestershire sauce and reduce the heat to low.
  5. Simmer for an additional 5-10 minutes, or until the steak is cooked through and the sauce has thickened. The slower that that you cook the steak the more tender it will be.
  6. Serve the steak with the sauce over mashed potatoes or rice. Enjoy!


This deer cube steak recipe is a great way to enjoy the natural flavors of wild game. Not only is it easy to prepare and budget-friendly, but it’s also a delicious way to enjoy the unique flavors of venison. If you’re looking for a delicious and simple way to make a delicious meal, this deer cube steak recipe is sure to be a hit.

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