#1 Best Deer Jerky Recipe with Dale’s Seasoning

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Are you looking for a good deer jerky recipe with Dale’s seasoning? We’ve tried all different kind of deer jerky, and this recipe that uses Dale’s seasoning is one of our favorites. You’ll get that bold, rich, and salty flavored jerky that makes your mouth water.

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What is Dale’s Seasoning?

Many of us grew up on Dale’s famous seasoning, but for those of you that are not familiar, it’s technically a steak marinade. It goes great on all types of meat including chicken, beef, pork, fish, and it’s even been used on vegetables. It’s made by a family-owned company out of Birmingham, Alabama.

Dale’s seasoning is a liquid that uses a blend of black pepper, paprika, onion, garlic and other spices in a soy sauce base. I like to think of it as a better version of soy sauce or worcestershire sauce. It’s really a unique marinade that can make anything taste better. This make’s Dale’s seasoning a great choice for deer jerky.

Where can You Buy Dale’s Seasoning for Deer Jerky?

You can buy Dale’s seasoning online from the official site, or in popular retail grocery stores like Walmart, Kroger, Target, or Publix. However, we find that Amazon is often the most convenient and cost effective way to get your hands on Dale’s.

What Makes a Good Deer Jerky?

We know that you’ve all tried a bad deer jerky once or twice. Making good deer jerky can actually be a bit of a challenge. A good deer jerky is flavorful, tender, and a little smokey. If you like your jerky a little more dry and tough, you can always cook it for a bit longer.

The key to good jerky is to start with the meat. You need to start with good quality and properly process venison meat. The one thing that can really lead to that “gamey” taste is improper processing of your deer. You’re going to need to properly trim the meat and cut it into nice sized strips and store it until use. That could either be in the refrigerator or freezer depending on your timeline.

The next most important thing is the marinade. A marinade can make or break your deer jerky. That why we prefer this deer jerky recipe with Dale’s seasoning and marinade. There are tons of recipes out there for a deer jerky marinade, but Dale’s is top notch.

How Should I Cook My Deer Jerky?

Once you have the meat and marinade sorted out, it’s time to start cooking. This topic can get pretty heated as some people are really opinionated about the best way to cook deer jerky. The recipe is going to use the baking method, but it will workout just as well if you use a smoker or dehydrator. You’ll need to monitor the cooking times with those methods to ensure the right level of tenderness or toughness.

Cooking Jerky in a Smoker

A smoker is also a great choice for making deer jerky. Smoked meats have that rich flavor of the wood that many people really enjoy. The deer meat will soak up that flavor and leave you satisfied. If you don’t have a smoker but are thinking about trying one, we a recommendation below. It’s one of the top rated and most popular smokers available on Amazon.

Cooking Jerky in a Dehydrator

Dehydrators are also an excellent choice for cooking deer meat. Dehydrators work by circulating hot air across the food to dry it out. The air removes the moisture by evaporation and ends up cooking the food and concentrating the flavors. We’ve done a lot of jerky on dehydrators and can say that it is a good option. If you’re interested in trying a dehydrator we have a recommendation below. You can’t go wrong with a good dehydrator as it can be used for many things other than deer jerky.

Just remember, take your time and be patient. Deer jerky is not a quick process. But, it’s well worth the wait.

The Deer Jerky Recipe with Dale’s Seasoning



  1. Place the strips of deer meat into a large bowl.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix together the Dale’s Seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, Apple Cider Vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, and smoked paprika.
  3. Pour the wet ingredients over the deer meat and mix together to make sure the meat is evenly coated.
  4. Place the meat in the refrigerator and let it marinate overnight.
  5. Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  7. Place the strips of deer meat on the baking sheet in a single layer and bake for 4-6 hours, flipping the strips halfway through.
  8. Once the jerky is dried out and no longer wet, remove it from the oven and let it cool before serving. Enjoy!

Nutriton Information

Serving Size3 oz
Total Servings 16

Conclusions – Deer Jerky Recipe with Dale’s Seasoning

This delicious deer jerky recipe using Dale’s Seasoning is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone. Freshly ground pepper and garlic powder provide the perfect blend of flavors for an enjoyable and delicious snack. The combination of the sweet and savory ingredients make this an ideal dish for when you’re looking for a tasty snack or just something to munch on. With Dale’s Seasoning, you can be sure that your jerky will have the perfect blend of great flavors and will be enjoyed by everyone.

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