What Size Recurve Bow For Hunting

Choosing the right size recurve bow for hunting is crucial for any archery enthusiast. As an avid hunter myself, I understand the importance of finding a bow that fits your body and shooting style perfectly. In this article, I’ll share my personal insights and provide you with a comprehensive guide on selecting the ideal size recurve bow for your hunting adventures.

Understanding Recurve Bow Size

Before diving into the specifics, let’s first understand what we mean by “size” when it comes to recurve bows. The size of a recurve bow refers to its overall length, which is typically measured from tip to tip, following the curve of the limbs. Bow sizes can range from as short as 48 inches to as long as 70 inches or more.

When it comes to hunting, the length of your recurve bow can greatly affect its performance and your shooting experience. A longer bow generally offers more stability, forgiveness, and power, making it suitable for longer draw lengths and shooting from greater distances. On the other hand, a shorter bow is more maneuverable, making it ideal for hunting in tight spaces or dense vegetation.

Determining Your Draw Length

One of the key factors in selecting the right size recurve bow is determining your draw length. Your draw length is the distance from the nocking point on the string to the deepest part of the grip when you have the bow fully drawn. Finding your draw length is crucial because it directly influences the size of the bow that will work best for you.

There are a few ways to measure your draw length accurately. One simple method is to stand upright with your arms extended to your sides and have someone measure the distance from the tip of one middle finger to the other, and then divide that number by 2.5. Another method is to use a measuring tape and draw an imaginary line from the tip of your middle finger to the other when fully extended. Both methods should provide you with a fairly accurate estimate of your draw length.

Finding the Right Size Recurve Bow

Once you have determined your draw length, you can use that information to choose the appropriate size recurve bow for your hunting needs. As a general rule of thumb, a recurve bow with a length that is equal to or slightly longer than your draw length is recommended.

For hunters with shorter draw lengths (under 28 inches), a bow in the 58-62 inch range should work well. This size range provides enough power and accuracy for hunting small to medium-sized game without compromising maneuverability. For hunters with longer draw lengths (over 28 inches), a bow in the 64-70 inch range would be more suitable, as it offers greater stability and energy transfer.

It’s worth mentioning that these are just general guidelines, and personal preference can play a significant role in choosing the right size recurve bow. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend visiting a local archery shop and trying out different bow sizes before making a final decision. This will allow you to assess how each size feels in your hands and find the one that feels most comfortable and natural to shoot.


Choosing the right size recurve bow for hunting is a highly personal decision. It depends on factors such as your draw length, shooting style, and the type of game you plan to hunt. By understanding the impact of bow size on performance and considering your own preferences, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed choice. Remember, finding the perfect fit is essential to ensure a successful and enjoyable hunting experience.