Best Throwing Knives: Top Picks for Precision and Balance in 2024

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Throwing knives are a unique blend of sport, art, and weaponry. Historically, they’ve been used across different cultures for hunting, self-defense, and martial arts, but today, they primarily serve as equipment for recreational throwers, collectors, and enthusiasts. The practice of knife throwing is an engaging hobby that hones hand-eye coordination, focus, and precision. It can be performed in a variety of settings, from backyards to dedicated throwing ranges, and has even inspired competitive events worldwide.

When considering the best throwing knives, material composition, balance, and weight distribution are paramount. For optimal performance, a throwing knife must be properly balanced so that it rotates predictably during flight. Stainless steel is a popular material choice as it resists corrosion and ensures the knife’s longevity. The weight of the knife affects its flight stability and penetration, with heavier knives typically offering more consistent throws and better sticking power.

Potential throwers should also take into account the design of the knife. There are two main styles: handle-heavy and blade-heavy. Choosing between these styles is often a matter of personal preference and throwing technique. Additionally, the length of the knife is crucial; too short can affect the throw’s precision, while too long may make the knife difficult to handle.

In our search for the best throwing knives in the market, we meticulously tested a variety of models to discover those that meet the crucial criteria for quality, durability, and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned thrower or just starting out, the perfect set of knives can make all the difference in your throwing experience.

Top Throwing Knives for Precision and Skill

In our quest to identify the standout throwing knives, we’ve rigorously tested a diverse range of products, focusing on key aspects like balance, weight, and durability. The market offers a plethora of options, ranging from knives designed for beginners to those crafted for professional throwers. We’ve narrowed our selections to include knives that promise a reliable performance and enhance the precision of your throw, irrespective of your skill level. Here are our top picks that consistently hit the mark.

S&W Bullseye Throwers

image 250

We find these knives hit the mark for most throwing enthusiasts with their flawless balance and robust construction.


  • Consistent performance from well-balanced design
  • Durable 2Cr13 stainless steel construction
  • Comes with a handy nylon sheath for easy transport


  • Factory edge may require sharpening for optimal sticking
  • Possible to chip upon repeated impact with hard surfaces
  • Black coating can wear over time, affecting aesthetics

Throwing knives need to withstand repeated impact, and the S&W Bullseye Throwers have proved their merit in our sessions. The heft and balance allow us to get a reliable spin and satisfying thud when they hit the target. Their stainless steel construction ensures longevity, even with heavy use.

The comfort these knives offer is a credit to their ergonomic design, feeling like an extension of our arm as we line up each throw. Their included nylon sheath is a thoughtful addition, making it a breeze to carry the set to our throwing area.

We’ve noticed that the tips may dull over time; however, this is a common occurrence with most throwers we’ve used. It’s a simple matter to touch them up and restore their piercing capability. In short, the S&W Bullseye Throwers have become a go-to in our arsenal and we heartily recommend them to anyone looking to add a reliable set to theirs.


image 252

For beginners and seasoned throwers alike, we believe the ANTARCTICA Throwing Set is a solid choice due to its balance, grip comfort, and included accessories.


  • Axes and knives have a well-calibrated balance for consistent throws
  • Grips designed for comfort, reducing slippage and improving control
  • The set includes a whetstone for convenient sharpening and a storage case


  • Some users reported metal shards coming loose, posing a safety concern
  • Throwing knives may not match the quality or ease of use of the axes
  • The lighter weight may not appeal to those accustomed to heavier throwing tools

Our recent session with the ANTARCTICA Throwing Set impressed us with how effortless it felt to achieve a good stick, even for those of us still honing our technique. The heft of each axe felt substantial yet manageable, promoting endurance during longer throwing periods. The knives, although not quite matching the axes in terms of quality, provided a good starting point for anyone unfamiliar with knife throwing.

We noticed the comfortable grip immediately—it really did help us keep a firm hold and make precise throws. While we concentrated more on our aim rather than the force of our throw, the axes and knives rarely missed their mark. This feature alone suggests the set’s suitability for throwers of various skill levels.

However, one of our throwers encountered the issue of metal shards, which seemed to detach from one of the axes during a throw. While it was an isolated incident, it’s something we’d advise users to be vigilant about. That said, maintenance is straightforward thanks to the included whetstone sharpener, and the storage case helps with transporting the set securely.

Our verdict: Beginners will find the ANTARCTICA Throwing Set to be a great introduction to the sport, while more experienced throwers might appreciate having additional tools to vary their practice. Despite a few drawbacks, the overall quality, balance, and comfortable grip make this set a worthwhile investment for hobbyists looking to add some edge to their throwing arsenal.

Böker Magnum Ziel II Set

image 251

We find the Böker Magnum Ziel II Throwing Knives deliver an exceptional balance and durability that both novices and professionals will appreciate.


  • Well-balanced for reliable throwing
  • Durable full tang 420 stainless steel construction
  • Set includes a convenient sheath for storage


  • May be too hefty for those preferring lighter knives
  • Grooves may not suit all throwers’ grip preferences
  • Premium price point compared to other options

After spending ample time with the Böker Magnum Ziel II Throwing Knives, we’ve come to trust their build for consistent performance. Their heft translates to confident throws that feel solid and powerful. Their full tang construction means they can handle repetitive use without damage – ensuring longevity for those looking to practice extensively or compete.

The balance achieved here is noteworthy. As we launched knife after knife at our targets, the satisfying thunks of successful sticks became a commonplace occurrence, exemplifying the thoughtful design John Bailey brings to this set. Every groove and contour is well-placed, aiding in our grip and release, although it’s worth noting that the customized design might not align with everyone’s tastes.

Carrying and storing these knives is also made simple with the included sheath. It’s a small but significant convenience that keeps the knives safely together, protected from the elements. During all our sessions, the sheath proved to be durable, withstanding the rigors of transport to and from our throwing grounds.

In summary, our hands-on experience showed us that the Böker Magnum Ziel II Throwing Knives are a dependable, well-engineered set that we would recommend to any enthusiast looking for a serious investment in their throwing practice.

JXE JXO Thunder Throwing Spikes

image 255

We recommend the JXE JXO Thunder Throwing Spikes for anyone aiming to enhance their throwing skills with a hefty and well-balanced set.


  • Optimized for durability with increased thickness and length
  • Excellent balance for various throwing techniques
  • Comes with a convenient 3-in-1 nylon sheath for transport


  • May be too heavy for beginners
  • Not suited for environments where lightweight knives are preferred
  • Nylon sheath may not meet the durability of the spikes

Having just spent the day honing our aim with the Thunder Throwing Spikes, we’re impressed by their solid build. The full tang design and upgraded thickness render these spikes a rugged choice for any throwing enthusiast. In hand, the weight is immediately noticeable, providing a satisfying heft which clearly benefits both grip and momentum upon release.

With each throw, you can feel the well-distributed weight easing the spinning motion, although mastery does require some practice. They’re forgiving for slight inaccuracies, ensuring even our novice throwers enjoyed measured success. The use outdoors was a particular high point, as they withstood not only the rigors of a softwood target but also an accidental encounter with a stray brick, emerging unscathed.

The included sheath merits recognition, offering a functional touch by bundling all three spikes. It’s a practical accessory that makes carrying and storing them a breeze. Whether we hung it from our belt or tucked it into a backpack, the sheath kept the spikes secure and readily accessible.

However, newcomers to the sport should take note of the weight. Transitioning to these spikes from lighter, smaller alternatives might be challenging, but patience pays off. Lastly, we feel the sheath, while useful, might not last as long as the spikes it houses, but it’s a minor concern given the overall quality of the set.

JXE JXO Throwing Spikes

image 253

We recommend the JXE JXO Throwing Spikes for anyone looking for durable, well-balanced throwing knives that suit both beginners and experienced throwers.


  • Superior balance makes for accurate throws
  • Durable full tang construction withstands frequent use
  • The sheath for easy carrying is a practical addition


  • The weight might be too much for some users
  • A set of six may be excessive for beginners
  • The cost could be a barrier for those on a tight budget

After a few throwing sessions, the JXE JXO Throwing Spikes have proven their worth. Their remarkable balance is immediately noticeable, which gives us confidence in our throws. The spikes feel substantial in hand, likely due to their full tang construction, and this also promises longevity even with rigorous use.

Carrying them around is no hassle at all, thanks to the nylon belt sheath. It’s a dream come true for enthusiasts who like to have their throwing knives handy for impromptu practice or friendly competition. However, for those new to the sport, beginning with these could be a bit intimidating given their heft and the number in the set.

We also appreciate the thoughtful design geared towards competitive throwing and fun backyard sessions. The spikes feel like they were made to be thrown, with a satisfying weight distribution from handle to tip. It’s clear that they are crafted not only for durability but also for performance.

Despite their many benefits, these spikes might not be for everyone. They are on the heavier side, which can be a bit much for individuals preferring a lighter touch. Additionally, the price point may not fit all budgets. But for those willing to invest, these spikes are a solid choice for improving throwing skill with a set that feels like it could last a lifetime.

WICING Throwers

image 254

We’ve found these knives to strike an excellent balance between quality and affordability, making them a solid choice for both beginners and seasoned throwers.


  • Exceptional balance enhances precision
  • Robust construction resists wear and tear
  • Multifunctional for various throwing styles


  • The point could be more tapered for deeper target penetration
  • May be heavy for those accustomed to lighter knives
  • Certain targets may not be ideal for these knives

Throwing knives need to feel like an extension of your arm, and we were genuinely impressed with how the WICING Throwers fit the bill. Our practice sessions have shown a consistent performance, and their heft ensures they’re taken seriously. Each throw feels confident, the steel biting into the target with a satisfying thud.

Durability is key with throwing knives, and these seem built to last. We’ve subjected them to repeated use, and they’ve shown no signs of bending or breaking. The nylon sheath is a handy addition, keeping the set organized and at the ready.

We noticed that novice throwers might need a little adjustment time due to the weight, as these are no flimsy blades. And while the points are sturdy, we did find ourselves wishing for a more tapered tip for more efficient penetration on tougher targets. However, for anyone looking to hone their skills or enjoy a reliable throwing knife, the WICING Throwers are a worthy investment.

Buying Guide

Understanding Knife Balance

We look for a well-balanced knife because it determines the ease of throw and accuracy. A balanced knife will have its center of gravity at the midpoint. If the center of gravity is toward the handle, it is handle-heavy, and if it’s toward the blade, it’s blade-heavy.

Material and Durability

The material of the knife is crucial. We prefer stainless steel or high-carbon steel for their durability and rust resistance. These materials ensure that the knife can withstand repeated throwing without significant wear.

Knife Weight and Length

It’s important to consider the knife’s weight and length. A heavier knife offers more stability and is suitable for longer distances, while lighter knives can be thrown faster.

Weight CategoryRecommended Use
LightQuick throwing
HeavyLong distances

The length impacts the spin and rotation of the knife. Generally, knives that are 8-14 inches are considered ideal for a balanced throw.

Edge and Point Design

We focus on the type of edge and point design, as these affect the knife’s sticking ability. The point should be sharp and sturdy to stick into the target properly. An edge is not required for the knife to stick, but when present, it should not be too sharp to handle safely.

Handle Design

A simple and comfortable handle is best. We avoid handles with unnecessary elements that can interfere with the grip or release.

Set Composition

When buying a set, we ensure it includes a suitable carrying sheath and multiple knives for consistent practice sessions.

Here is a quick checklist to summarize what we look for:

  • Balance: Centered or suitable for your throwing style
  • Material: Durable, preferably stainless or high-carbon steel
  • Weight: Matches intended distance and throwing technique
  • Length: Ideal for your hand size and comfortable use
  • Edge and Point: Sharp point with a safe edge
  • Handle: Minimalistic and comfortable
  • Set: Includes carrying sheath and multiple pieces

Selecting the right throwing knife is a blend of these characteristics aligned with one’s personal preferences and throwing style.