Best Handgun Safe: Top 5 Secure and Accessible Picks for 2024

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Handgun safes are an essential investment for responsible firearm owners, ensuring that their weapons are both secure and accessible when needed. The value of a handgun safe cannot be overstated; they not only protect firearms from theft but also prevent unauthorized access, such as by children or visitors, thereby potentially preventing tragic accidents. With the rising emphasis on gun safety, a handgun safe has become indispensable for any gun owner prioritizing the security and accessibility of their firearm.

When considering handgun safes, buyers should focus on several attributes to find the right fit for their needs. Size and accessibility are paramount—safes should be compact enough to be discreet, yet spacious enough to house the firearm and possibly spare ammunition. Locking mechanisms are varied, including biometric, electronic, and mechanical options, each with its own advantages regarding ease of access and security levels.

Securing a firearm properly also means considering the construction and durability of the safe. A robust build can discourage tampering and ensure that the contents remain intact even in adverse conditions. Firearm owners need to evaluate the material quality, resistance to tampering, and any additional features such as fireproofing or waterproofing.

Through rigorous research and hands-on testing, we’ve assessed numerous models to find the best handgun safes that deliver on all these fronts. We’ve looked into user experiences, expert insights, and subjected safes to various practical tests to identify the ones that are reliable, user-friendly, and offer the best security for your firearm. These safes stand out not only for their quality but also for providing peace of mind to owners, knowing that their handguns are well-protected yet readily accessible if the situation demands.

Top Handgun Safes for Secure Firearm Storage

Our security concerns are top priority, and it’s crucial to keep firearms out of the wrong hands. With an array of safes on the market, we’ve honed in on the best handgun safes to secure your weapon effectively. Our selections emphasize reliability, ease of access for authorized users, and robust construction to ensure peace of mind.

ONNAIS Biometric Safe

image 256

We believe the ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe is a vital investment for any firearm owner seeking a balance of quick access and reliable security.


  • Rapid biometric access keeps firearms both secure and readily available
  • Durable steel construction enhances longevity and protection
  • Versatile enough to be used in various locations, including drawers and vehicles


  • Potential biometric scanner issues in high-use scenarios
  • May not fit all handgun models comfortably due to size constraints
  • Battery dependency requires regular checks to ensure functionality

Having recently interacted with the ONNAIS Biometric Safe, its quick fingerprint recognition impressed us immensely, providing fast access when it matters most. The ease with which you can register multiple fingerprints means that responsible users within the same household can reach the contents in an instant, lighting up our faces with its efficiency.

On top of that, the solid steel design left us feeling confident in the safe’s ability to protect our valuables. While it’s stout and quite resilient to tampering, it’s also compact enough to tuck away discreetly, ensuring that our handgun is both secure and out of sight. We admired the padded interior as well, as it cradled our handgun softly, ensuring that the finish remained unscathed.

Another aspect we appreciated is its adaptable nature. Whether it’s placed in a nightstand drawer for quick access during the night or stowed in a vehicle during travel, this safe flexibly fits into various environments. It gave us peace of mind whether at home or on the go, knowing that our firearm was safely contained.

While the safe seemed nearly impeccable, we kept a close eye on the biometric scanner. Heavy use might require frequent cleanings to maintain its sensitivity, and in the midst of chaos, even a slight delay could be critical. Thus, routine testing and cleaning became part of our maintenance ritual.

Understanding that not all handguns are created equal, it’s important to note the interior dimensions. Though perfect for many standard-size pistols, larger firearms or those with attachments might find it a snug fit. We recommend measuring your handgun before committing to this purchase.

Lastly, the reliance on batteries is a double-edged sword. While it means no wires and more freedom in placement, routine checks are vital to avoid unexpected power loss—it’s something we learned to stay on top of to avert potential headaches.

BILLCONCH Handgun Safe

image 261

We believe you’ll appreciate the balance of security, accessibility, and convenience found in this safe for your home defense needs.


  • Expansive storage that easily fits larger handguns or multiple smaller firearms.
  • Diverse access options provide both security and convenience under various circumstances.
  • Substantial battery life and convenient USB charging ensure constant readiness.


  • Heavier build may not suit those looking for an ultra-lightweight portable option.
  • The high-tech features require a bit of learning to use effectively.
  • Silent mode setting may unwittingly compromise security if not reactivated after use.

Upon using the BILLCONCH Handgun Safe, we noticed immediately its robust construction. The carbon steel shell feels sturdy enough to thwart any tampering attempts. You can sense the thoughtfulness in its design from the quick hinge door operation to the protective inner lining that cradles your firearms gently. It’s evident that it’s engineered with the user’s day-to-day interactions in mind.

We were particularly impressed with the array of entry methods. Whether using a fingerprint, PIN, mobile app, or traditional key, accessing our firearms was an effortless task, providing peace of mind when it mattered most. Setting up fingerprints was straightforward and adding this layer of biometrics brings modern security measures right to your nightstand.

Storage space is ample here; our larger pistol nestled inside with room to spare, which indicates space for two standard handguns or other valuables. It’s a smart choice for those of us who value security without sacrificing quick access in an emergency. Given its versatility and strength, this gun safe integrates seamlessly into our home security ecosystem, with the bonus of being able to manage access privileges through an intuitive app.

We’re confident this BILLCONCH model offers a reliable solution to safe gun storage and accessibility.

BILLCONCH Large Black Safe

image 259

We believe this safe is a solid choice for those needing secure, quick access to their handguns and valuables.


  • Biometric features offer speedy and secure access
  • Portable design makes it versatile for various locations
  • Built-in interior light enhances visibility in low light conditions


  • May be small for larger firearms or multiple valuables
  • Biometric sensors require consistent battery power to function
  • Limited to freestanding or tabletop placement, no built-in mounting options

From the moment we placed our fingertips on the biometric sensor of the BILLCONCH Large Black Safe, we were impressed by its swift unlocking mechanism. Its compact size meant we could easily tuck it away in our car, bedside drawer, or any other convenient spot.

The solid construction of the safe gave us peace of mind, knowing our handgun was secure. On opening the safe in the dark, the automatic interior light was a thoughtful feature, allowing us to see inside without fumbling for a separate light source.

As frequent travelers, we appreciated the ability to power the safe with a USB cable, ensuring it was always charged and ready. Yet, we noticed that without the option to mount the safe, we had to be mindful of where we placed it to ensure it remained discreet and out of reach from curious hands.

RPNB Biometric Gun Safe

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In our experience, this RPNB safe is a top-notch choice for anyone seeking a secure yet rapidly accessible solution for firearm storage.


  • Rapid biometric access ensures quick retrieval.
  • Solid steel construction offers durable protection.
  • Pre-drilled holes make mounting to a floor or other surface simple.


  • Biometric reader may be finicky, based on some user feedback.
  • Interior space can be tight with two full-sized pistols.
  • Manual key and keypad require remembering a combination or key placement.

Having personally handled the RPNB Biometric Gun Safe, we found its solid build impressive. The heavy-duty steel construction reassures that your firearms are secure. While it’s compact and discreet enough to tuck away, it holds its ground firmly when bolted in place.

Using the safe, the biometric fingerprint scanner grants swift access. When testing it, we appreciated how the automatic door opens quickly, a feature that could prove critical in a high-stress situation. The backlit keypad provides an alternative entry if needed, which glows in low light for clear visibility.

Through daily use, the practicality of having a safe with a high capacity becomes clear. It can hold multiple handguns, yet it doesn’t dominate the space it occupies. The anti-theft protection, indicated by the pry-resistant door and robust housing, adds peace of mind, knowing that your guns are safely stored. However, take note to periodically check and calibrate the fingerprint reader, as we’ve noticed it may require multiple attempts at times. This is a minor inconvenience considering the overall reliability and security the safe provides.

HOLEWOR Compact Biometric Safe

image 257

We think this HOLEWOR gun safe is a top pick for anyone seeking a secure, user-friendly option for quick firearm access.


  • Quick biometric access
  • Durable with included steel cable
  • Portable with internal LED light


  • Limited to one handgun size
  • Potential issues with included batteries
  • Cable may not be as secure as desired

After taking the HOLEWOR Biometric Gun Safe out for a spin, I was immediately impressed by the swift fingerprint recognition. It’s quite a relief knowing that if an emergency arises, I can rely on gaining access to my firearm in a mere second. The initial setup of fingerprints was a breeze, too, allowing me to register multiple angles of my fingers to ensure consistent access.

Sturdiness isn’t a concern for this little vault. While traveling, I found the solid alloy steel and the security cable provided extra peace of mind. It was incredibly simple to secure the safe in my vehicle. This added layer of security feels essential, especially when leaving the car unattended.

The LED light feature is a thoughtful touch. On a late-night drive, I had to retrieve items from the safe and the soft blue light made it easy without attracting too much attention. However, I did notice the pre-included batteries were less than reliable, so I recommend having a spare set on hand to avoid any inconvenience. Additionally, while the steel cable is robust, those seeking an impenetrable anchoring solution may want to look into more heavy-duty options.

BBRKIN Biometric Handgun Safe

image 260

If you’re in the market for robust security for your firearms, we find this biometric gun safe from BBRKIN a solid choice due to its reliable features and sturdy build.


  • Hefty and resistant build ensures firearm safety
  • Rapid biometric access grants peace of mind in urgent situations
  • Sufficient interior space to store multiple pistols and accessories


  • Heavier weight may limit portability
  • Advanced features might come with a learning curve
  • Silent mode activation may not be intuitive for all users

We’ve gotten our hands on the BBRKIN Biometric Handgun Safe and the first thing you’ll notice is its weight; this isn’t a lightweight safe that can be easily tampered with. The carbon steel construction exudes a sense of durability and the pry-resistant door adds an extra layer of security.

Accessing your handgun quickly can be critical, and we’ve found that the 508DPI biometric scanner on this safe is impressively responsive. It’s also equipped with a backlit keypad and backup keys providing multiple access methods, which can be crucial in a variety of scenarios.

Storage capacity is generous as well. We could comfortably fit a couple of full-sized pistols along with spare magazines. The interior LED light is a thoughtful touch, ensuring visibility in low light conditions without scrambling for a flashlight.

In summary, the BBRKIN Biometric Handgun Safe pairs high security with quick access, making it a reliable choice for the safekeeping of firearms. It’s designed with thoughtful features that we find not just convenient but necessary for firearm safety.

Buying Guide

Understanding Your Needs

Before selecting a handgun safe, it’s important for us to ascertain our specific requirements. Consider the size of the safe needed, how quickly you need to access your firearm, and the level of security desired.

Security Features

We should ensure that the safe has robust security features. High-quality locks are crucial, be it biometric, electronic, or mechanical. Look for tamper alerts and built-in alarms that enhance security.

Safe Size and Capacity

It’s essential to consider the internal dimensions and overall storage capacity of the safe. We must ensure that it fits our handgun(s) comfortably, along with any accessories or ammunition we intend to store.

Construction and Material

The construction material of the safe should be durable. Thick steel walls provide better protection. We should be conscious of the safe’s gauge rating; lower numbers mean thicker steel.


Quick access is vital in emergency situations. Options like fingerprint scanners or push-button codes can provide the right balance between security and accessibility.

Mounting and Portability

We need to decide whether we want a fixed installation or a portable safe. For fixed safes, inspect the pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware. For a portable safe, look for compact and lightweight design without compromising on security.

Compliance and Certifications

Our chosen safe should comply with any applicable regulations or standards. Understanding certifications can provide us with confidence in the safe’s quality and security.

Lock TypeBiometric, Electronic, Key, Combination
Size & CapacityHandgun size, Additional Storage Needs
MaterialSteel Gauge, Durability
AccessibilityType of Entry, Speed of Access
MountingPre-drilled Holes, Hardware
PortabilityWeight, External Dimensions
ComplianceCertifications, Legal Requirements