Best Bushcraft Knife: Top Picks for Survival and Wilderness Skills

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A bushcraft knife is more than just a tool; it’s a survival essential for any wilderness adventurer. Its robust design and versatility make it indispensable for tasks ranging from wood carving and food preparation to fire starting and shelter building. The right bushcraft knife, honed to perfection, feels like an extension of the wielder’s hand, seamlessly complementing outdoor skills and survival techniques.

Selecting the best bushcraft knife is a balance between functionality and durability. The type of steel, blade length, and handle design are pivotal considerations. Ideally, the blade should be full tang for maximum strength, with a material that retains sharpness while resisting corrosion. The handle must offer a comfortable, secure grip in all weather conditions. Additionally, the knife should be of a manageable size and weight for prolonged use without causing fatigue.

When considering the purchase of a bushcraft knife, attention must also be paid to the sheath: its material, how it attaches to your gear, and the security of the knife within it. A secure sheath ensures that the knife is safely stowed when not in use but remains readily accessible. We’ve dedicated hours to studying various models, scrutinizing their features and performance in the wild to bring you recommendations that can enhance your bushcraft experience.

Top Bushcraft Knives

We’ve thoroughly researched and examined a wide array of bushcraft knives to determine the ones that offer the best performance, durability, and value for outdoor enthusiasts. Our selection is designed to cater to a variety of needs and preferences, ensuring you find the ideal tool to accompany you on your wilderness adventures. Each knife showcased in our roundup is a blend of functionality and craftsmanship, suited for tasks ranging from wood carving to campsite meal prep.

BPS Adventurer Knife

Best Bushcraft Knife

For those looking for a durable and well-crafted bushcraft knife, the BPS Adventurer Knife should be at the top of your list, offering impressive edge retention and versatility in the great outdoors.


  • Comes razor-sharp right out of the box, ready for immediate use
  • High-quality carbon steel and walnut wood handle provide durability and a comfortable grip
  • Includes a leather sheath and firestarter, enhancing its value and utility


  • Carbon steel requires regular maintenance to prevent rust
  • Handle may need additional oiling for enhanced longevity
  • Leather sheath, while sturdy, may be stiff initially and require breaking in

After spending some time with the BPS Adventurer Knife, we found the sharp, full tang carbon steel blade cuts effortlessly, making it a reliable tool for any bushcraft or camping task. The true scandi grind not only aides in maintaining the edge but also in precise carving, a necessity in the field.

The feel of the walnut wood handle sat comfortably in our hands, breathable even during continuous use. The Danish oil finish gave it a rustic charm and was a subtle reminder of its craftsmanship. Nevertheless, we would recommend an occasional oiling to preserve the handle’s integrity and appearance.

Carrying the knife was a breeze using the included leather sheath. Its snug fit reassured us of secure transport, though it took some time for the leather to soften and conform to a more personalized fit. The added firestarter was a welcome bonus, proving useful during our evening camps and enhancing the knife’s overall value.

In use, the balance of the knife impressed us—designed thoughtfully, it felt like an extension of our arm rather than a separate tool. It made tasks like feathering wood and preparing kindling simpler and more efficient. In maintaining the blade, it’s important to keep it dry and clean, especially given the need to prevent rust on the high carbon blade.

Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife

image 298

If you’re venturing into the wilderness, this robust and versatile knife is the companion we would recommend.


  • Exceptional grip and comfort even in wet conditions
  • Integrated fire starter and sharpener add utility
  • Coated blade resists corrosion effectively


  • Sheath may not meet everyone’s durability standards
  • Carbon steel blade requires regular maintenance to prevent rust
  • Heavier than some alternative bushcraft knives

After handling the Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife, we appreciated its solid balance between functionality and durability. The carbon steel blade with a black coating stood up well to rigorous tasks, and its sharpness made slicing through different materials a breeze. We especially enjoyed how the ergonomic handle felt in our hand, giving us confidence even during tricky maneuvers.

We encountered several situations where the integrated fire starter proved indispensable. Starting a fire was straightforward, and the convenience of having it integrated into the sheath was a thoughtful touch. This, coupled with the diamond sharpener, meant we were able to maintain the blade easily while out in the field.

Our concerns were mainly with the sheath. While practical, we would have preferred a bit more resilience from it, especially considering the robustness of the knife itself. Additionally, as fans of high-quality craftsmanship, we took care to regularly oil the carbon steel blade to prevent rust, something that anyone considering this knife should be prepared to do. Despite its slightly heavier weight, the Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife is an exceptional tool that we’ve relied on in a variety of outdoor scenarios.

BeaverCraft Shadow

image 304

For those who value craftsmanship and efficacy in the wild, we think the BeaverCraft Shadow is a commendable choice.


  • High-carbon steel blade remains sharp through rigorous use.
  • Full tang construction offers excellent durability and balance.
  • Fire-starting capability adds a versatile survival feature.


  • Requires routine maintenance to prevent rust.
  • Sheath retention could be more secure.
  • Needs sharpening out of the box for optimal performance.

We recently took the BeaverCraft Shadow on a wilderness adventure, and its high-carbon steel blade tackled all the carving tasks with ease. The knife’s sturdy feel is rooted in its full tang construction, offering a reassuring balance in hand as we fashioned tent stakes and prepared kindling.

Tucked in its leather sheath, this knife proved to be a discreet yet accessible companion on our belt. The striking backside was a boon, smoothing the process of fire starting when we needed warmth and means to cook. Whether whittling wood or slicing through cordage, the blade’s edge stayed true.

Out in the open, the BeaverCraft Shadow didn’t just perform; it felt like an extension of our own capability, enhancing our bushcraft skills. Despite the need for a little additional sharpening before embarking, it proved to be an ally for detailed work and general camp tasks alike. The pleasures of crafting in the wilderness were heightened by the precision and reliability afforded by this well-designed blade.

Holtzman’s Bushcraft Knife

image 299

We recommend this knife for anyone needing a reliable, sharp tool for their outdoor adventures.


  • Durable 1095 high carbon steel blade maintains a sharp edge
  • Ergonomic handle with anti-slip design ensures precision and control
  • The included Kydex sheath with Tek Lok offers secure and versatile carrying options


  • Heavier than some may prefer for long treks
  • May be too robust for those needing only a basic utility knife
  • The price point could be a barrier for budget-minded users

In our recent excursion into the backcountry, we realized how essential a good blade is, and the Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival knife did not disappoint. Its high carbon steel blade effortlessly cuts through various materials, and it hasn’t shown any signs of going blunt, even after repeated use. The sense of confidence this knife provides in survival situations is unmatched.

The knife’s handle is another highlight, featuring a G10 construction with an orange lining for visibility. During use, we found that the width and grippy texture offer superior hand control, reducing the risk of slippage even in wet conditions. Such precision is rare to find, and it became a valuable asset when carving, chopping, or performing other intricate tasks.

Carrying the knife has been hassle-free thanks to the robust Kydex sheath. It is secure, and the option to attach it to different gear via the Tek Lok system greatly enhances its functionality. We’ve also noticed that adding or removing the knife from the sheath is smooth and quick—a small but significant convenience when on the move. Our experience with it outdoors has only reinforced its position as our go-to companion for bushcraft and other wilderness tasks.

Bushmate by BPS & DBK

image 301

We believe this collaboration between BPS Knives and DBK has resulted in a bushcraft knife that’s well worth your consideration, especially if you value craftsmanship and versatility.


  • Designed collaboratively by BPS and DBK, guaranteeing quality and thoughtful design.
  • Multifunctional, excellent for various outdoor activities.
  • Comes with a durable leather sheath and an effective firestarter.


  • The ferro rod placement in the sheath may be inconvenient for some users.
  • Sheath design might not meet everyone’s needs or preferences.
  • May require regular maintenance due to carbon steel composition.

After putting the Bushmate through its paces, it’s clear that it stands up to a variety of outdoor tasks. Its multifunctional design, influenced by the seasoned bushcrafters of DBK, lends itself well to carving, cutting, and even meal prep at the campsite. The carbon steel blade arrived sharp, and the walnut handle offered a comfortable and secure grip.

The thoughtful details were apparent, such as the ease of maintaining the edge and the included firestarter—which, I might add, works like a charm. It’s reassuring to handle a knife that feels both solid and balanced, especially when out in the wilderness.

However, some aspects could detract from the overall experience. While the quality of the leather sheath is not in question, the design may pose practical issues, such as the positioning of the ferro rod. Additionally, while the carbon steel blade is robust, it does require regular maintenance to prevent corrosion, so it may not be ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance tool.

In our time with the Bushmate, we’ve found it to be a reliable companion for bushcraft and outdoor activities. Despite minor critiques, it offers great value—balancing functionality, craftsmanship, and usability. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoors person or just starting, the Bushmate knife has a lot to offer.

BeaverCraft Nightfall

image 302

If you’re in need of a reliable bushcraft companion, the BeaverCraft Nightfall could very well be the end of your search for its balance, grip, and utility.


  • Outstanding edge retention and corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomic walnut handle for a comfortable hold
  • Versatile full-tang design enhances strength and balance


  • Handle may be a bit small for those with larger hands
  • Sheath fits loosely, which could be a concern
  • No lanyard hole for additional carrying options

After spending some time with the BeaverCraft Nightfall, we’ve found it to be a sturdy choice for outdoor enthusiasts. The carbon steel blade is robust and easily managed through various bushcraft tasks. Its sharpness upon first use is notable, slicing through materials with precision—a testament to BeaverCraft’s attention to detail.

The full-tang construction of the knife instills confidence during use; it does not falter when pitted against more demanding jobs. The survival aspects are well-thought-out, with the knife’s spine compatible with striking a fire steel—an essential feature for bushcraft.

The walnut handle is shapely and feels familiar in our grip, showcasing a design that prioritizes comfort and control. During extended periods of use, we noticed no discomfort, making it a great choice for longer excursions.

While the knife itself excels, the sheath could be a slight setback for some. In our experience, it’s a tad loose, which might be of concern when traversing rugged terrain. The absence of a hole for a lanyard or paracord isn’t a dealbreaker, but it limits carry and attachment options.

Overall, the BeaverCraft Nightfall offers a balance of functionality and craftsmanship that we find compelling for bushcraft. It’s a solid piece of gear that won’t let you down when you’re out in the wild.

Buying Guide

Blade Material

When we consider a bushcraft knife, the blade material is pivotal for its durability and functionality. We typically find high carbon steel and stainless steel as the two primary materials used for bushcraft knives.

  • High Carbon Steel: Known for its edge retention and ease of sharpening.
  • Stainless Steel: Offers excellent resistance to corrosion, ideal for wet environments.

Handle Ergonomics

Comfort and a secure grip are crucial in a bushcraft knife. The handle should fit well in our hands and provide stability during use.

  • Material: Look for materials that offer a balance between grip and comfort, such as rubber or textured synthetics.
  • Shape: Ensure the shape of the handle prevents slipping and reduces hand fatigue.

Blade Length and Thickness

The size of the blade determines the knife’s versatility. For bushcraft activities, a blade length of 4 to 6 inches is commonly recommended.

  • Length: A medium-length blade provides a good balance for detailed work and chopping tasks.
  • Thickness: A thicker blade, around 1/8 to 1/4 inch, promises strength during tough jobs.


The tang is the portion of the blade that extends into the handle, and its construction is a significant factor in the knife’s overall strength.

  • Full Tang: Offers the most strength, as the metal extends the full length and width of the handle.
  • Partial Tang: Less durable but can be sufficient for lighter tasks.


A safe carry and storage solution protects both the blade and us. Good sheath materials include leather and hard synthetics with secure fastening systems.