Best Arrow Quiver Options for Archers in 2024

In the world of archery, the right equipment is as vital as skillful technique. A quiver, essential for any archer, is more than just a container for arrows; it is a tool that ensures an archer’s ammunition is secure, accessible, and in top condition. When aiming for the best arrow quiver, one must consider its design, capacity, material, and how it complements the archer’s shooting style, whether on a range or in the field.

Traditional quivers have been crafted from various materials over centuries, with modern iterations available in leather, fabric, and synthetic composites. These contemporary designs offer features like adjustable straps, quick accessibility, and protective chambers for different weather conditions. Hunters, for instance, might prefer a back quiver for greater capacity and ease of movement, while target shooters could opt for a hip quiver for rapid arrow retrieval.

Selecting the appropriate quiver involves careful consideration of capacity—how many arrows it can hold without becoming cumbersome—and weight, ensuring it doesn’t impede mobility. Moreover, compatibility with the types of arrows used is paramount; broadheads, for instance, require quivers that can safely house their larger, sharper blades without causing damage. Comfort, ease of access, and protection against the elements are other critical factors to ponder.

In our quest to identify the top arrow quivers, we meticulously evaluated a range of products through hands-on testing, balancing functionality, durability, and comfort to determine which models stood out. Our analysis zeros in on quivers that meet the versatile needs of archers and withstand the rigors of their environment. This careful examination sets the stage for a discussion of the criteria we used and the standout quivers we found.

Top Arrow Quivers

Our meticulously curated selection represents the finest arrow quivers available on the market. Each has been assessed for durability, capacity, and comfort, ensuring that you have a reliable companion for your archery adventures. Whether you are a seasoned archer or a beginner, our list caters to a variety of needs and preferences.

KRATARC Archery Quiver

image 327

If you’re after a versatile and lightweight quiver for your archery sessions, the KRATARC Archery Quiver is a solid pick.


  • Adaptable for both hip and back use, enhancing convenience.
  • Inclusion of a Molle system allows for personalization and extra storage.
  • Foldable design means it’s a breeze to transport and store.


  • Limited capacity might not suit those needing to carry more than 18 arrows.
  • While sturdy, the material may not endure the rigors of intense outdoor use over time.
  • Adjustable strap can slip, requiring occasional readjustment during use.

We recently had the opportunity to try out the KRATARC Archery Quiver during a target practice session. The quiver’s adaptability immediately stood out. Easily switching from back to hip mode, we found it remarkably comfortable in both configurations. Its lightweight nature meant we could move freely without being weighed down, and we didn’t notice it getting in the way as we drew our arrows.

The Molle system caught our eye for its customization possibilities. A handy way to attach accessories or personalize the quiver, it certainly added to our overall experience. Even with a number of arrows and additional gear attached, we admired how the quiver didn’t become cumbersome.

Something we appreciate about this quiver is how its foldable design simplifies transport. We folded it down after practice, and it stashed away perfectly into our gear bag without hogging space. However, we noted during repeated uses that the maximum arrow capacity might not be sufficient for longer sessions or for archers who prefer to have a wider selection at their disposal.

While the quiver’s construction overall is sturdy and appears durable, it’s worth mentioning that more rugged environments could test its limits. Additionally, although the adjustable strap is a major plus, we did find ourselves needing to tighten it now and then as it tended to slip during more active movements, which was a slight distraction.

In summary, the KRATARC Quiver has proven to be a reliable companion for our archery practices. It offers an excellent balance between portability and functionality, especially for those seeking a mid-range arrow quiver. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, consider adding this accessory to your archery arsenal.


image 323

We believe this quiver is a solid choice for archers who prioritize versatility and portability during their archery sessions.


  • Versatile dual-use design, suitable as both a back and hip quiver
  • Ample storage with a large pocket and Molle system for additional accessories
  • Lightweight and foldable, making it convenient for travel


  • Lacks stiffness, which may require modifications to maintain shape
  • Molle pouch may seem slightly deformed and detract from the aesthetic value
  • Not the highest quality, but reasonable considering the price point

When we took the KRATARC Quiver out to the range, its versatility immediately stood out. Switching between back and hip carry was effortless, thanks to its adjustable 3-point padded shoulder strap. We found it carried a good number of arrows, roughly 20-24, without any trouble. During a long day of shooting, not once did it feel cumbersome, credit to its lightweight build.

Storage never seemed to be an issue. Whether it’s field points or broadheads, the quiver accommodated them well. The large pocket was a practical addition for our gear. Plus, the Molle system came in handy to attach extra items we liked to keep within arm’s reach. We got creative and personal with the patch area, a nice little feature for customization.

We did observe that the quiver’s flexibility, while adding to its convenience, sacrificed some structure. A piece of stiff material might be necessary if you prefer your quiver to stand open. We also noticed that the Molle bag isn’t as robust in shape as we hoped, although it didn’t compromise functionality. And while the overall construction gets the job done, there are more premium options available. However, for its price, one can argue it offers a good balance of features and economy.

Elong Back Quiver

image 325

We think this quiver is a solid choice for its great balance of functionality and cost, making it suitable for both new and experienced archers.


  • Accommodates a generous number of arrows
  • Adjustable straps for comfortable fit
  • Durable construction that withstands regular use


  • May not fit very long arrows ideally
  • The material could feel stiff initially
  • No included arrows for those expecting them

Using the Elong Back Quiver has significantly streamlined our archery experiences. Its lightweight design didn’t weigh us down when trekking through wooded areas or shooting for prolonged periods. We could adjust the straps to fit different body sizes, which meant it was comfortable for both the teenagers in our group and the adults.

Our time on the range was made more efficient by the quiver’s capacity. It held enough arrows for several rounds, meaning we didn’t have to interrupt our flow to retrieve arrows frequently. The build seems tough, too – after several sessions, we noticed very little wear and tear, which suggests it’ll last us a long while.

Accessibility is crucial, and this quiver delivers. Arrows slid in and out smoothly without catching, due to its sufficient depth and opening. Although some of our longer arrows peeked out more than we preferred, they remained secure. The quiver also stayed in place when moving around, which kept our focus on our target and not on adjusting our gear.

ONLYHANDMADE Scorpion Quiver

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We find the ONLYHANDMADE Scorpion Quiver to be a solid choice for archers prioritizing craftsmanship and traditional style in their gear.


  • Crafted from high-quality cow leather for durability and aesthetic appeal
  • Adjustable straps provide a tailored fit for comfort during extended use
  • Versatile for various archery activities from hunting to target practice


  • The strap may be too short for some users, limiting comfort and wearability
  • Smaller size may not be ideal for those requiring a large arrow capacity
  • Strap adjustability has limitations, potentially impacting usability for taller individuals

The feeling of genuine, supple leather against your fingers as you reach for an arrow is undeniably reassuring. Having taken the ONLYHANDMADE Scorpion Quiver out for a spin in the field, its robust construction didn’t go unnoticed, easily withstanding the poking and prodding of arrow points. The quiver felt lightweight and non-intrusive as it sat on my back, allowing for effortless movement through the woods.

Adjustability of the quiver straps was handy, though I found myself at the tail end of the strap length, leaving me wishing for a bit more slack. This was a minor inconvenience relative to the overall comfort experienced. The quiver’s effortless draw and replacement of arrows allowed for a fluid shooting rhythm during target practice sessions.

The quiver’s capacity was sufficient for a moderate amount of arrows, suiting my needs for short hunting trips and casual archery outings. A perfect companion for those who appreciate traditional archery aesthetics combined with functional design, the Scorpion Quiver from ONLYHANDMADE adds a touch of class to any archer’s equipment list. While the size might challenge those who prefer to carry a large arsenal, for my modest quiver needs, it was quite accommodating.

Cosmos Arrow Quiver

image 326

We find the Cosmos Arrow Quiver to be a solid choice for archers seeking versatility and durability in their gear.


  • Adaptable for both back and hip carrying, enhancing its versatility
  • Designed with durable materials for longevity
  • The integrated mesh pockets provide convenient storage options


  • Soft structure may not hold arrows as firmly as some may prefer
  • Back quiver style might present accessibility issues for some
  • Limited capacity might not suit archers carrying a large number of arrows

Having spent time practicing with the Cosmos Arrow Quiver, we can confidently say it offers a good balance between functionality and comfort. The adjustable strap works seamlessly, adapting to various body sizes, which means it’s as suitable for a growing teenager as it is for an adult. Using it across the back or clipped to our belts, the quiver stays secure and within easy reach.

The sturdy bottom is a standout feature; we’ve noticed it resists wear, even with repeated arrow insertion and removal. This is critical for maintaining the quiver’s shape and protecting it from the sharp arrow points that could cause damage to a lesser quality product.

We also appreciate the external mesh pockets on the Cosmos Quiver. They’re perfect for holding small items like finger tabs or arm guards, items we like to keep handy, without the need to rummage through our backpacks or shooting bags. It’s this kind of practical design that makes it a go-to accessory for our archery sessions.

In sum, if you’re in the market for an arrow quiver that’s built to last and provides the convenience of carrying arrows in multiple ways, the Cosmos Arrow Quiver earns our recommendation. Its thoughtful design reflects a clear understanding of an archer’s needs.

SUNYA Hip Quiver

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We recommend this quiver for its strong build, practical design, and the convenience it provides on the archery range.


  • Holds a generous number of arrows
  • Durable material with functional pockets
  • Comfortably adjustable for various body sizes


  • Designed only for right-handed users
  • Limited color options available
  • Some may find the pockets too small for larger accessories

Having recently added the SUNYA Hip Quiver to our gear, we immediately appreciated its sturdy construction. The oxford fabric feels robust, ready to withstand the scuffs and pokes from regular use, while the stitching indicates a product that won’t unravel anytime soon. In action, the zipper operates smoothly, sparing us any frustration when accessing arrows or gear.

The quiver, when tested, confirmed its ability to hold upwards of a dozen arrows without a hitch. We found the three tube design particularly handy, keeping arrows organized and within quick reach—a must during a fast-paced session. The additional pockets, too, demonstrated their worth by housing various small archery tools like Allen keys and a bow square without a struggle.

Adjustability is another strong point of this quiver. It snugly fits our teammates, from younger enthusiasts to full-grown adults, making it a versatile choice. However, left-handed archers should note that the design caters solely to right-handed users. Although this limitation doesn’t detract from the product’s quality, it is a consideration for those affected. The color range is somewhat limited, with only a few options to choose from, but the purple one we tried had a vibrant appeal. Lastly, while the pockets suffice for smaller items, storing larger accessories might require a bit more ingenuity.

Overall, the SUNYA Hip Quiver performs excellently for practice sessions, and we have found it to be a reliable partner during our target practice days.

Buying Guide


When selecting a quiver, consider the number of arrows you need to carry. For target archery, a smaller capacity might suffice, while hunters may require a larger quiver to hold more arrows for various distances and game.

  • Small: 3-6 arrows
  • Medium: 6-12 arrows
  • Large: 12+ arrows


The durability and weight of a quiver depend on its construction material. We prefer lightweight and weather-resistant materials for ease of use and longevity.

  • Fabric: Light but less durable
  • Leather: Stylish, durable, heavier
  • Plastic: Lightweight, weather-resistant

Attachment Style

Quivers can attach to the body or the bow. We assess comfort and access when choosing an attachment style.

  • Hip: Easily accessible, may interfere with movement
  • Back: Traditional, less interference, harder to access
  • Bow: Convenient, affects bow balance

Noise Dampening

For hunters, quietness is vital. We look for quivers that minimize noise when moving.

  • Built-in dampeners: Reduces arrow rattle
  • Soft lining: Prevents noise when drawing arrows


A good quiver should adjust to fit different arrow lengths and types. We ensure it can be configured to our individual needs.

  • Arrow dividers: Offers customization
  • Length settings: Accommodates arrows of varying sizes

Additional Features

We evaluate extra features like pockets for archery tools or a camouflage pattern for hunting quivers.

  • Pockets: For storing tools, broadheads
  • Camouflage: Aid in remaining unseen in the wild

By examining these features, we can confidently choose a quiver that best suits our archery endeavors.