Best Bow Sights of 2024: Top Models Reviewed

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Archery is a practice steeped in history, requiring skill, precision, and the right equipment. At the heart of a good archery experience is the bow sight, a crucial piece that aids archers in aiming accurately at their targets. Modern bow sights have evolved from simple fixed pins to sophisticated gadgets with adjustable pins, magnification abilities, and even laser sights. Whether for competitive shooting, hunting, or recreational archery, a reliable bow sight can significantly enhance an archer’s performance.

Choosing the best bow sight depends on an individual’s needs and the specific archery discipline. Some sights are designed for rapid target acquisition, ideal for hunters who need to react quickly in the field. Others offer precision adjustment for competition shooters who demand the utmost accuracy over longer distances. Important factors to consider include the sight’s adjustability, durability, pin visibility, and ease of use. A high-quality bow sight should withstand the rigors of outdoor environments and provide a clear point of aim in various lighting conditions.

We understand that the process of selecting the right bow sight can be daunting with so many options available. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to thoroughly test and assess a range of sights to determine the best in each category. Our findings are the result of meticulous research and hands-on use, ensuring we offer recommendations that meet diverse archery requirements and budgets. We aim to streamline your decision-making process, allowing you to focus on improving your shot rather than sifting through countless products.

Top Bow Sights for Precision and Accuracy

When searching for the ideal bow sight to enhance our archery performance, we prioritize accuracy, durability, and ease of use. In our roundup, we’ve concentrated on finding the best bow sights that meet these criteria. Each product has been thoroughly scrutinized to ensure it stands up to various shooting conditions and can be trusted for both practice and hunting scenarios. Our selection aims to cater to a range of preferences and budgets, presenting you with options that will elevate your precision on the field.

Trophy Ridge Mist Sight

Best Bow Sights

We think archers should consider the Trophy Ridge Mist for its ease of use and the clear visibility it provides, all at a value that’s hard to beat.


  • Bright fiber optic pins enhance shot accuracy.
  • Versatile mount design caters to both left and right-handed users.
  • Green hood accent speeds up target acquisition.


  • Construction may feel less robust compared to premium models.
  • Adjusting can require extra attention for optimal setup.
  • Some users reported issues with maintaining settings in colder weather.

I recently had the chance to test out the Trophy Ridge Mist on my bow, and the sight acquisition was notably quick thanks to the green hood accent. It feels like there’s no time wasted from the moment you notch the arrow to when you’re zeroed in on the target.

Mounting the Trophy Ridge Mist to my bow was a breeze; it’s really user-friendly, regardless of whether you’re shooting with your left or right hand. And once it’s on, the multiple mounting holes make it a cinch to adjust to your personal preferences.

After several rounds at the range, the fiber optic pins proved their worth. They’re ultra-bright, and even during dusk, I didn’t lose any visibility on my targets. However, I did take extra care during adjustments – it’s key to getting the precision you want without overstressing any parts. Overall, for the price point, this sight helped improve my shooting consistency without breaking the bank.

Trophy Ridge Volt

image 361

We believe the Trophy Ridge Volt 5-Pin sight offers an unbeatable blend of quality and affordability suitable for both novice and experienced archers.


  • Ultra-bright pins enhance visibility in various light conditions.
  • Versatile design fits both left and right-hand bows, suiting all archers.
  • Includes a bubble level to increase shot precision and consistency.


  • The light attachment is sometimes faulty.
  • Fiber optics may require careful handling to maintain durability.
  • Included instructions could be clearer for beginners.

Out in the field, the first thing that struck us about the Trophy Ridge Volt 5-Pin sight was the visibility of the fiber optic pins. These ultra-bright .019” pins really popped against various backdrops, helping us maintain focus on our target even in fading light.

Comfortably integrating this sight onto our bows was a breeze thanks to its offset mounting holes. Whether we preferred shooting with our left or right hand, the reversible mount was a simple flip away from being personalized for our specific needs.

Adjusting the sight for distance and environmental factors was straightforward. The bubble level proved invaluable, giving us the feedback necessary to fine-tune our form and ensure level shots. We did encounter some users experiencing issues with the light attachment, but most found the brightness of the pins ample even without the additional light boost. Overall, considering the performance and price point, the Trophy Ridge Volt sight earned our seal of approval as a solid investment for archers wanting to step up their game without breaking the bank.

Trophy Ridge React H5

image 362

For an enhanced shooting experience with intuitive adjustments and improved accuracy, the Trophy Ridge React H5 is an excellent choice.


  • Simplifies yardage calibration with React Technology
  • Resistant to vibration and lightweight due to Ballistix CoPolymer System
  • Brightness is customizable for different lighting conditions


  • No night vision capability which limits low-light usability
  • Some users report difficulty with the sight light
  • Lacks micro-adjustment feature

After attaching the React H5 to our bow, it was clear that this sight elevates precision. The React Technology is a standout, streamlining the sight-in process by automatically adjusting the remaining pins once the first couple are set. This equates to valuable time saved on adjustments and more focus on the target.

During various outdoor escapades, the sight’s vibration resistance proved its merit. The Ballistix CoPolymer construction strikes a fine balance, offering the sturdiness of aluminum without the heft. Our movements were unhindered and more fluid.

Adjusting to differing light conditions was hassle-free. The rheostat light dial allowed us to fine-tune the pin brightness in a split second—critical when those unexpected clouds roll in or as dusk approaches.

However, the sight’s lack of night vision was noticeable. For hunters or target shooters who savor the twilight hours, this could be a drawback. Additionally, we encountered some initial hiccups with the rheostat light, echoing the concerns of others. It’s a minor niggle that can be rectified but warrants mentioning.

As precise as the React H5 is, the absence of a micro-adjustment feature meant we resorted to more traditional methods for fine-tuning. Seasoned archers may find this limits the sight’s convenience.

In our hands, the Trophy Ridge React H5 has embodied robust functionality with its clever design and reliable construction. Any archer looking to streamline their setup should seriously consider what this innovative sight has to offer.

SAS LED Sight Light

image 359

We think archers should consider this light for its versatile fit and adjustable brightness, making it suitable for various lighting conditions.


  • Universal thread fit for wide compatibility
  • Three levels of brightness for optimal visibility
  • Includes batteries for immediate use


  • Potential issues with battery contact
  • May require bracket adjustment from previous models
  • Some units shipped with defective batteries

I recently fitted the SAS LED Sight Light to my compound bow and was immediately impressed by its simple, no-fuss design. The blue LED light offers excellent visibility in low-light situations without overpowering the eyes. With its 3/8-32 universal thread, it snapped right onto my setup without any hassle.

The three-step adjustment light caught my attention next. I had the freedom to customize the brightness based on the time of day and the lighting conditions I was dealing with. Whether at dawn, dusk, or in dense woodlands, the sight light provided the precise illumination needed to make my shots count.

Unfortunately, some tinkering was necessary upon receiving the light. It was a minor setback to find that the included batteries weren’t perfectly contacting, needing a bit of adjustment to get them working. I’ve heard of a similar experience from a hunting buddy who had to replace the batteries right off the bat. Nevertheless, once the light was operational, the convenience it added to my archery toolkit made these initial issues seem trivial.

Trophy Ridge Fix 5-Pin Sight

image 363

We find the Trophy Ridge Fix 5-Pin Sight to be a solid investment for its reliability and precision, enhancing our archery experience.


  • Accurate micro-adjustable pins for meticulous shot placement
  • Brightness adjustments make it versatile for varying light conditions
  • On-board tool enhances convenience for in-field adjustments


  • Lacks third-axis adjustability which might be a downside for angled shots
  • Rheostat light may have battery issues upon delivery
  • Compatibility with older bow models might be limited

Trophy Ridge’s Fix Series Sight is truly a standout in the middle price range. Its micro-adjustable pins improve our precision effortlessly, which is crucial when aiming for that perfect shot. The ability to tweak the brightness is a game-changer in diverse lighting conditions, allowing us to remain confident from dawn till dusk.

The onboard adjustment tool is a highlight for us. Not having to fumble for tools when making quick changes is a time-saver. Moreover, the convenience cannot be overstated, especially when fine-tuning is needed in the middle of a session.

However, we do wish it included third-axis adjustability. Although it excels in standard situations, challenging angled shots could be less accurate. We’ve also noted that some archers received the sight with the light already on, leading to some initial frustration with battery life. Lastly, those with older bows should double-check compatibility, as it seems this sight is optimized for newer models.

Overall, Trophy Ridge’s Fix Series Sight right-handed version secures its position as a reliable ally on the range. It’s robust, precise, and user-friendly, equipping us well for an array of archery activities. Despite a couple of downsides, its performance at this price point makes it worth considering for serious archers looking to step up their game.

Trophy Ridge React Pro

image 364

We recommend this sight for serious archers looking for a blend of innovative features and rock-solid reliability for an enhanced aiming experience.


  • React Technology simplifies pin adjustment
  • Tool-less design for easy field adjustments
  • Bright fiber optics enhance visibility in various conditions


  • Premium features at a premium price
  • Learning curve for React Technology setup
  • Included light may have reliability issues

After equipping our bows with the Trophy Ridge React Pro, the first thing we noticed was the ease of setting up the pins. With React Technology, it took just a few shots to dial in accuracy that usually would’ve taken much longer. Field adjustments were a breeze; the tool-less knobs allowed us to make quick tweaks without having to fumble for tools. The sight’s bright fiber optics stood out in the dwindling evening light, offering clarity and confidence as we aimed.

While using the bow sight, the micro-click windage and elevation adjustments stood out as particularly user-friendly. The sight made incremental changes feel exact and repeatable which is critical during those high-stakes moments in the field. The overall solid aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware gave us a sense of durability and quality that we value in archery gear.

A slight downside was the initial investment in learning how the React Technology worked, but this was quickly overcome with a bit of practice. Despite the higher cost associated with this model, the performance gains justified the expense for us. However, there was a minor hiccup with the light not working upon arrival. Trophy Ridge’s customer service was prompt and resolved the issue, but it’s something to consider.

In conclusion, the Trophy Ridge React Pro is a tool that elevates your shooting accuracy and overall archery experience. Despite the steeper price and initial setup time, we found its convenience and performance features like third axis leveling and advanced tool-less micro adjustments to be indispensable in the field.

Buying Guide

Understanding Our Needs

Before we select a bow sight, it’s crucial to consider what type of archery we’re involved in. Target archers may require different features compared to bowhunters. Pin size, brightness, and adjustability should align with our particular use to ensure accuracy and satisfaction.

Key Features to Consider

When we’re in the market for a bow sight, several features demand our attention:

  • Number of Pins: Decide between a single-pin and multi-pin setup based on our preference for simplicity or versatility.
  • Pin Visibility: Ensure the pins are easily visible in various light conditions; consider fiber optic pins for better brightness.
  • Adjustability: Look for tool-free adjustment options for ease of use in the field.
  • Sight Light: A built-in or add-on sight light can be beneficial for low-light conditions.
  • Durability: Opt for materials that offer a balance of lightweight design and rugged construction.

Mounting and Compatibility

We must ensure the bow sight fits our bow’s mounting system. Compatibility with our bow is non-negotiable for proper function and safety.

Material & ConstructionHighAffects durability and weight.
Pin ConfigurationVariesSingle or multiple based on style.
AdjustabilityMedium to HighEase of sighting in for precision.
CompatibilityEssentialMust fit our specific bow model.

Price Point

As with any equipment investment, we should consider our budget. More expensive sights often feature enhanced technology and durability, but there are quality options available at various price points.

By carefully considering these factors, we position ourselves to select a bow sight that meets our needs and enhances our archery experience.