Where To Aim When Bow Hunting Turkey

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Bow hunting turkey is an exhilarating and challenging form of hunting that requires precision and accuracy. As an avid bow hunter myself, I have spent countless hours perfecting my technique and learning where to aim when hunting turkey. In this article, I will share my personal insights and provide a detailed guide on where to aim when bow hunting turkey.

When it comes to bow hunting turkey, shot placement is crucial. Unlike larger game animals, such as deer or elk, turkeys have a small kill zone. The kill zone on a turkey is roughly the size of a baseball, and hitting this vital area is essential for a clean and ethical kill.

One of the most effective shots when bow hunting turkey is aiming for the head and neck region. This shot offers a high chance of a quick kill if executed properly. When aiming for the head and neck, it is important to aim for the base of the turkey’s neck, right where it meets the body. This area houses vital organs and major blood vessels, increasing the likelihood of a clean and quick kill.

Another effective shot placement when bow hunting turkey is aiming for the body vitals, specifically the heart and lungs. This shot requires a bit more precision, as the kill zone is smaller than other big game animals. When aiming for the body vitals, I like to aim slightly above the turkey’s wing, about halfway up the body. This allows for maximum penetration and increases the chances of hitting the heart or lungs.

Now, let’s talk about the importance of shot angles when bow hunting turkey. Shot angles can greatly impact shot placement and the effectiveness of the shot. The ideal shot angle is broadside, where the turkey is facing perpendicular to your position. This provides a clear view of the vital areas and allows for a clean shot. However, it is not uncommon for turkeys to be in less-than-ideal positions, such as facing towards or away from you. In these situations, it is crucial to adjust your aim and aim for the appropriate vitals.

As a bow hunter, it is vital to practice ethical hunting practices and ensure a quick and humane kill. It is important to remember that ethical hunting is not just about pulling the trigger or releasing the arrow, but about shot placement and making sure the animal does not suffer unnecessarily.

In conclusion, when bow hunting turkey, aim for the head and neck region or the body vitals, specifically the heart and lungs. Shot placement is key, and it is important to adjust your aim based on shot angles and the turkey’s position. Follow ethical hunting practices and always strive for a clean and quick kill. Good luck and happy hunting!


Bow hunting turkey requires precision and careful shot placement. The head and neck region, as well as the body vitals, are the ideal areas to aim for when bow hunting turkey. Shot angles and the turkey’s position are also important factors to consider when lining up your shot. Remember to always practice ethical hunting practices and strive for a quick and clean kill. Happy hunting!