When Does Bow Hunting Season Start In Michigan

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I’ve always been a passionate hunter, and one of my favorite seasons is bow hunting. There’s something incredibly exciting and challenging about stalking game with a bow and arrow. If you’re like me and you live in Michigan, you’re probably wondering when bow hunting season starts. Well, you’re in luck! Let’s dive deep into the details and get you ready for a thrilling season in the Great Lakes State.

Michigan’s Bow Hunting Season

In Michigan, bow hunting season typically begins on October 1st and runs through November 14th. This early bow hunting season is referred to as the “Archery Season” and is a great time to be in the woods. The weather is starting to cool down, the leaves are changing colors, and the animals are becoming more active as they prepare for winter.

Now, before you grab your bow and arrows and head out into the wilderness, it’s important to know the rules and regulations set by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR). You’ll need to obtain the appropriate licenses and tags, follow the legal hunting hours, and be aware of any specific hunting zones or restrictions in the area you plan to hunt.

Preparing for Bow Hunting Season

As an avid bow hunter, I know that preparation is key to a successful season. Here are a few tips to help you get ready:

  1. Practice, practice, practice: Before heading into the woods, spend time at the archery range honing your shooting skills. Consistency and accuracy are crucial when it comes to bow hunting.
  2. Scout your hunting areas: Take the time to familiarize yourself with the hunting areas you plan to visit. Look for signs of deer activity, such as rubs, scrapes, and deer trails. This will increase your chances of finding a good hunting spot.
  3. Set up trail cameras: Trail cameras are an excellent tool for monitoring deer movement. By placing them strategically in your hunting area, you can gather valuable information about deer patterns and behavior.
  4. Check your equipment: Inspect your bow, arrows, and other gear to ensure everything is in good working condition. Replace any worn-out parts and make any necessary adjustments.


Bow hunting season in Michigan is an exciting time for outdoors enthusiasts like myself. The thrill of drawing back your bow, releasing an arrow, and connecting with your target is unmatched. However, it’s important to always hunt ethically and responsibly, respecting both the wildlife and the environment.

So, mark your calendars for October 1st and get ready for an unforgettable bow hunting season in the beautiful state of Michigan. Good luck, stay safe, and may your arrows fly true!