GoPro vs Tactacam for Bow Hunting

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As a bow hunter, recording your hunting adventures can be an exciting and satisfying experience. Having a first-person perspective of your hunts allows you to relive those amazing moments and share them with others. However, with so many camera options on the market, choosing the right one can be challenging.

Two popular choices for bow hunters are GoPro and Tactacam. In this article, we’ll compare the features of these two cameras to help you decide which is the best suited for your hunting needs.

GoPro For Bow Hunting

GoPro cameras have transformed the way bow hunters capture their hunting experiences. Unlike traditional hunting, where you only get to enjoy your hunt while in the field, GoPro allows you to relive your experience over and over again. By creating videos of your hunt, it’s possible to see your shooting form and improve on missed shots. Besides that, you can study how game animals behave in their natural environment so that you’ll be better prepared for the next time you go into the field.

With GoPro cameras being relatively lightweight and durable, they are ideal for capturing footage of bow hunts without risking damage from heavy loads or harsh environmental conditions. GoPros are also versatile enough that they can be mounted anywhere making them perfect for showing different angles and views of a scene.

From an archery stand perspective, hunters can mount the camera on bowsight or stabilize it using a tripod for steadier shots.

Another benefit of using GoPros is remote triggering options such as wireless wristbands which eliminate any chance of interfering with a shot while recording. The flexibility provided by remote triggering means that no longer will hunters need to stop their actions just to make sure they’ve captured a moment on film.

Additionally, because some models are waterproof up to 10 meters deep when enclosed in an underwater housing unit, partners or friends can jump into streams with these devices for unique angles or even record submerged trail cameras.

Overall, GoPros offer several advantages when used during bow hunting expeditions. These include studying game animal behavior before heading out into the field; improving shooting forms by reviewing video footage after returning home; allowing hunters more flexibility in where they choose to mount their device as well as providing remote-triggering capabilities such as wristbands which eliminates any chances of interference.

Finally capturing unbelievable moments coupled with stunning visuals from comrades’ jumps into nearby streams fully encased within waterproof underwater housing units all adding up to authentic priceless memories worth sharing with friends and family alike!

Tactacam for Bow Hunting

Tactacam is an innovative piece of technology that has been adopted by many bow hunters globally. It involves attaching a high-resolution camera to your hunting bow, allowing you to capture action shots and footage during your hunting trips.

With this device in hand, you no longer have to rely on limiting angles or cameras mounted at a distance away from the action; instead, you can take full control of filming your experience.

One unique feature about Tactacam is its connectivity to mobile phones via WiFi or Bluetooth. This connection allows for easy sharing of video footage with others on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and so on. No longer do you have to wait till after the hunt to share the triumphs and experiences with friends and family; now they can be right there with you virtually when it happens!

Another advantage of using Tactacam for bow hunting is due to its compact size which makes it easy handling equipment while still having all the necessary features that would help document your actions in the field continuously.

For instance, some models come with image stabilization features that aid in smooth capturing even if archery shots are taken at maximum draw weights or long-range distances.

Lastly, Tactacam will prove helpful as an instructional tool capable of improving hunting techniques through observation of one’s shooting technique, arrow trajectory and the route taken by prey during escapes. Through such observations made possible by Tactacam, hunters become more knowledgeable about their game’s behavior patterns and movement tendencies – thus enhancing their accuracy during future hunts.

In conclusion, investing in a Tactacam can dramatically improve your bow hunting experience! The device comes packed full of features tailored directly towards combatting most problems faced when recording on standard cameras – from unideal angles to consistent disruptions emerging due to manual adjustments mid-hunt – solving them all optimally so you need not miss any unforgettable moment again!!!


In conclusion, both GoPro and Tactacam are great options for capturing your bow hunting experiences. While GoPro may have more features and accessories available, Tactacam’s design specifically tailored for hunters provides more functionality and ease of use in the field.

Ultimately, the decision should come down to personal preference and intended use. Whichever brand you choose, make sure to always follow proper hunting and filming regulations to ensure a safe and legal experience.