Best Mathews Hunting Bow Of All Time

Are you looking for the best Mathews hunting bow of all time? If so, look no further! Mathews has a long history of producing top-of-the-line bows designed to help hunters improve their accuracy and precision. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Mathews bows on the market today and see which one stands out as the ultimate leader in accuracy and performance. We’ll also discuss why Mathews is such an industry leader when it comes to producing quality bows, so read on to learn more!

The Top 5 Picks for Best Mathews Hunting Bow

The Mathews hunting bow is a popular choice among archers and hunters alike. It is known for its smooth draw, great accuracy, and durability. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. To help narrow down the choices and make your selection easier, here are our top five picks for best Mathews hunting bows:

1. The Mathews Creed XS. This bow features an adjustable draw length from 24″-30″, which makes it very versatile for any shooter or hunter’s style of shooting. It also has a 7″ brace height and IBO speed rating of 322 fps, making it extremely accurate at longer distances. Additionally, this bow has been designed to reduce hand shock while shooting.

2. The Mathews Triax Bow. This bow was designed with an ultra-smooth draw cycle and silent shot technology that helps reduce sound disturbance in the field when you shoot it. It also comes with a 6-inch brace height and 340 fps IBO speed rating that will give you plenty of power when you need it most in hunting situations.

3. The Mathews Halon X Comp Bow: This is one of the newest bows on the market from Mathews and boasts some impressive specs including an adjustable draw length from 25” – 30” , 7” brace height, 86% let-off weight setting at 29 inch draw length, up to 352 FPS IBO speed rating and more! Plus the innovative Crosscentric Cam system gives this bow excellent power stroke efficiencies for maximum performance out in the field or range!

4. The Mathews Switchback XT Bow: Another great option from Matthews is their Switchback XT Bow which offers shooters an adjustable draw length from 25″ – 30″ , 7″ brace height along with a 344 FPS IBO speed rating . Plus this bow features their Perimeter Weighted Reverse Assisted Module (PWRAM) technology which helps balance overall weight distribution throughout this light weight design giving shooters greater control during their shots!

5 The Mathews Vertix Bow: If you are looking for even more adjustability out of your hunting bow then look no further than the Matthews Vertix model which allows users to adjust both the draw length (26” – 31”) as well as peak weights (50lbs – 70lbs). Additionally this bow has a 6” brace height along with a 342 FPS IBO Speed Rating making sure this lightweight powerhouse is ready to tackle whatever big game situation that may come its way!

How to Select the Right Mathews Hunting Bow for Your Needs

When you are looking for the perfect Mathews hunting bow to fit your needs, there are several factors that you should take into consideration. The first is what type of bow you will be using. Mathews offers a variety of bows, including compound bows, recurve bows, and crossbows. Each type of bow will have different features and benefits that make them better suited for certain activities or environments. You should also consider the poundage of the bow – this will determine how much tension is exerted on draw weight when shooting arrows from it. Additionally, size matters; a larger bow may be more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces but may provide increased power and accuracy for longer distance shooting.

Once you’ve chosen the type of Mathews hunting bow that best suits your needs, it’s important to select the right model for your particular application. Consider what length draw length and draw weight are most suitable for your target species or game situation as well as any accessories that may be needed such as sights or stabilizers. Different models may also offer varying levels of vibration damping technology which can help improve accuracy and reduce fatigue during long shooting sessions. It’s also important to factor in other requirements such as size, weight, adjustability, noise reduction capabilities (for stealthy hunting), etc., so that you end up with a suitable combination of features and benefits at an affordable price point.

Finally, regardless of which model you decide on make sure it fits properly before making any purchases; different people have different body types so make sure you get fitted correctly by an expert archer or an experienced archery technician to ensure optimal performance when out in the field. With these few simple steps and considerations taken into account, selecting the right Mathews hunting bow shouldn’t be too difficult!

Reviews of Different Models of Mathews Hunting Bows

Mathews Hunting Bows have become one of the most popular brands amongst bow hunting enthusiasts. There are a variety of models available, ranging from the classic Compound Bow to more modern design options. Reviews of different models offer insight into their performance and features so hunters can make an educated decision when choosing their next bow.

The Mathews Triax is a great choice for those looking for a lightweight yet powerful bow. Its high let-off and smooth draw cycle makes it easy to shoot accurately, even at long distances. Many reviews praise its accuracy and balance, making this an ideal choice for beginner or experienced archers alike. The Triax also features an adjustable draw length, allowing shooters to customize the fit to their shooting style.

The Creed XL has become a go-to choice for many bowhunters who want superior performance in a lighter package. At less than four pounds, this model is designed with comfort in mind without compromising on features like power or speed. Reviews are mostly positive on this bow, with hunters praising its accuracy and versatility when used with various arrow types and ranges.

The Mathews Halon series is another great option that has earned itself numerous positive reviews over the years. Its sleek design and compact size means it can be maneuvered easily in tight spaces while still packing serious power output compared to other bows of similar size range. It also utilizes noise dampening technology which makes hunting quieter than ever before – perfect for staying undetected while chasing game animals! Reviewers have praised its reliability in all conditions while noting its ease of use even when transitioning between different shots quickly due to the minimal hand shock experienced through firing arrows from the Halon series bows.

Overall, Mathews Hunting Bows offer something for everyone; from beginners who want a reliable starter bow, up through experts who need something powerful enough to handle tough hunting scenarios without compromising on weight or convenience as they travel around searching for game animals out in nature’s wilds! With so many reviews rating these models highly – each offering unique pros and cons – it’s clear that any hunter can find exactly what they’re looking for with Mathews Hunting Bows!

Upgrades and Accessories to Enhance Your Mathews Hunting Bow Performance

Upgrades and accessories are a great way to enhance the performance of your Mathews hunting bow. Every component of your bow can be adjusted or replaced in order to improve its accuracy and power, as well as increase its overall dependability. There are various upgrades available for Mathews bows, including sights, rests, stabilizers, quivers, and more. Additionally, you can purchase custom strings and cables to replace those that are already included with the bow.

One of the most popular upgrades is the sight system. This system enables you to have greater precision when you shoot by allowing you to see where your arrow is going while aiming. Most sights include multiple pins which allow you to adjust them according to different distances so that you always hit your mark no matter what range you’re shooting at.

Rest systems are also important in improving accuracy when using a Mathews hunting bow. The rest is placed on top of the riser of the bow and holds the arrow stable during draw and release so that it has minimal movement during flight. This results in tighter groups when shooting from longer distances or into the wind. Many rests come with adjustable features such as elevation adjustments for improved accuracy from varying distances or conditions.

Stabilizers help reduce vibration when shooting by absorbing some of the shock created by firing your arrow from a compound bow. Stabilizers come in many shapes and sizes depending on how much weight/length is desired for optimal performance improvement as well as personal preference for balance/feel while shooting. Longer stabilizers work best when shooting long distance since they provide more stability than shorter ones do over short ranges due to their added weight near rear end of bow which reduces vibration effects on arrows trajectory path upon impact with target resulting in greater accuracy than without one installed at all times while shooting with Mathews hunting bows

Finally, quivers can be used to keep arrows handy while hunting or practicing archery so that they don’t get lost in rough terrain or among thick foliage; thus reducing time spent looking for loose arrows while out in field after each shot being fired off from respective Mathews compound bows being used at any given moment by user during activity itself instead of having them scattered all around area resulting in less time spent searching and more time actually doing what matters most here: Hunting! A wide variety of quiver options exist; ranging from backpacks which hold multiple arrows simultaneously (which allows for easy transport) up until traditional hip-mounted quivers made out leather providing classic look stylish feel alongside convenient access towards respective projectiles stored within them at all times whilst actively engaging in activity itself without having need worry about losing any before reaching destination point successfully

Common Problems and Maintenance Tips for Mathews Hunting Bows

Mathews hunting bows are some of the most popular and well-known on the market. Although they are high quality and reliable, like any other piece of archery equipment, they do require routine maintenance in order to keep them operating at their best. The following is a guide to common problems and maintenance tips for Mathews hunting bows.

The first step in caring for a Mathews bow is to check the limbs regularly for signs of stress or wear. This can be done by inspecting each limb individually and looking for dents, scratches, or other damage that may indicate an increase in stresses on the bow as it’s being used. If any of these signs are present, then it’s important to address the issue quickly. Dents can often be repaired with epoxy putty or filler while scratches should be addressed by replacing damaged parts with new ones from a reputable dealer.

Another common problem that occurs with Mathews bows is string breakage or stretching. This typically occurs due to improper use or shooting too many shots without restringing the bowstring; however, it can also occur if there is an increase in temperature during storage or travel which causes the strings to stretch out over time. To avoid this problem, it’s important to restring your bow at least once every six months and before any long-term storage periods or extended shooting sessions. Additionally, when replacing strings it’s important to use high quality strings specifically designed for Mathews bows as generic strings may not fit properly and could lead to increased wear over time.

Finally, regular lubrication of all moving parts is essential for keeping a Mathews bow functional and accurate over its lifetime of use. Most manufacturers recommend using specialized lubricants specifically formulated for archery equipment; however, if none are available then light machine oil may be used instead but should be applied sparingly as too much lubricant can cause dirt and debris buildup which will affect accuracy over time. Additionally, whenever possible try to avoid using WD-40 as this product is intended more as an adhesive remover than a lubricant so its effects will not last nearly as long as those from dedicated archery lubes such as Bowmaster Gold or Black Magic Archery Lube Waxes & Greases respectively

Ultimately proper maintenance will ensure that your Mathews hunting bow remains functional and accurate throughout its lifespan; however if you ever experience any issues such as erratic performance then it’s important to contact a qualified technician who can inspect your bow and provide advice on necessary repairs or adjustments needed in order get back up and running safely again


In conclusion, the Best Mathews Hunting Bow Of All Time is an incredibly well-crafted and reliable bow that will exceed your expectations. With its lightweight design and vibration dampening technology, it’s a great choice for hunters of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been hunting for years, this Mathews bow is sure to provide you with plenty of high-quality performance.