Best Gun Mat for Cleaning: Essential Accessory for Firearm Maintenance

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Regular cleaning and maintenance is an essential part of gun ownership. Responsible gun owners keep their firearms in clean, working order. Cleaning ensures that the firearm will work and expand its lifetime. A gun mat for cleaning will give you a dedicated space to work with. It protects the firearm and the surface beneath it during gun cleaning.

A gun cleaning mat has a soft, absorbent fabric top. This is to capture oils, solvents, and firearm residue. It’s often paired with a non-slip backing to keep the mat in place. These mats come in various sizes for different firearms. They come in handgun and rifle sizes. Some will include printed graphics or schematics of specific guns. These can be helpful during disassembly and reassembly.

It’s crucial to look for the best gun mat that uses chemical-resistant material. The mat needs to be large enough to fit the parts of your gun. Some mats offer magnetic areas to keep parts in place. Others have pockets or grooves to help keep track of components.

A good gun cleaning mat will streamline the maintenance process of cleaning your gun. It will also keep your workspace clean. If you choose the right gun mat, it can speed up the process. We’ve taken a look at a range of gun cleaning mats to find the best ones. We considered durability, functionality, and convenience.

The Best Gun Mat for Cleaning

We understand that keeping your firearms in top shape is important to you. That’s why we’ve searched for the best gun-cleaning mats available. Some of the mats we have chosen include features like magnetic parts holders and pockets. Other include printed schematics to help with assembly.

This list will help you find a gun-cleaning mat that fits your needs. We have some options for professionals and hobbyists alike. These mats make it easy to clean your gun at home.

Falko Tactical Gun Mat

Falko Tactical Gun Mat

The Falko Tactical Gun Mat is great for any handgun enthusiast. This is it if you’re looking for a durable and informative cleaning mat.


  • The thickness provides excellent protection for both firearms and surfaces.
  • Resists oil and other liquids, making cleaning a breeze.
  • Diagrams aid in part identification and proper maintenance.


  • Limited to Glock 19 Gen 5 reference, it may not suit all handgun models.
  • May be larger than necessary for the smallest handguns.
  • Some users may prefer a different material than neoprene.

As soon as we unrolled the Falko Tactical Gun Mat, the quality was immediately obvious. it’s about 1/4 inch thick. You won’t have to worry about your guns damaging the table you are working with. It’s thick enough to absorb impact from any dropped parts, preventing damage to the gun too. It’s like a safety net for your sidearm.

The top of the mat stands up to spill like a champ. When we slopped some gun oil on it, it wiped right up with no fuss. It keeps the area clean and defends against any stubborn stains that could ruin your day.

The most impressive feature is the detailed diagram of a Glock 19 Gen 5 etched onto the mat. With this guide, you can be an expert in servicing your firearm.

The mat rolls up nicely in the storage tube provided, tucking away neatly into our cleaning kit. It’s a real space-saver that’s always ready when we need it.

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Real Avid Smart Mat

Real Avid Smart Mat

We highly recommend the Real Avid Smart Mat for gun enthusiasts who seek a reliable cleaning mat. It does a great job of combining space with functionality.


  • Spacious mat surface that comfortably accommodates long guns
  • A handy integrated parts tray with a magnetic section holds small items securely.
  • Resilient material that resists gun oils and solvents, with easy cleanup


  • Might be too large for small workspaces
  • The storage, when rolled, could be bulky for some preferences.
  • Heavy guns may leave impressions on the padded surface

The first time we used the Smart Mat, we noticed the size. It allows for plenty enough room to spread parts out during cleaning. The attached parts tray is a welcomed addition. It helps us keep everything organized. As you know, that is essential during gun cleaning. The last thing you want to do is lose a small part. Plus, the magnetic area was great to keep us from losing pins.

There was no soak-through with any of the cleaners we used. The mat’s surface is oil-resistant. Cleanup was a breeze; a simple wipe-down left it looking like new. Having a surface that doesn’t cling to spills is a must for any gun-cleaning enthusiast.

It may be more difficult to store when rolled up due to its size. The padding is comfortable to work on and protects the firearms. It did show some signs of impressions after prolonged use. That shouldn’t affect the core functionality, though.

The Real Avid Smart Mat stands as an invaluable tool. It made the cleaning experience a breeze when dealing with intricate parts.

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Handgun Smart Mat

Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Mat

The Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. It makes the gun maintenance task simple.


  • Magnetic parts tray keeps small components secure
  • Non-slip backing firmly grips work surfaces during use
  • Mat repels oil and solvents, preventing messes from soaking through


  • Over time, the mat can show stains from various cleaning fluids
  • Only suitable for handguns, not for larger firearms
  • Magnetic section might be too small for very tiny gun parts

Recently, we had the chance to put the Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat to the test. The mat was plenty big enough. We didn’t feel cramped in our workspace like we do with other mats. I rolled out flat on our workbench, and the corners didn’t curl.

Another aspect we noted was the connected parts tray. The magnetic tray held small pieces in place. We knew that they wouldn’t scatter during cleaning. This was one of the highlights of the gun cleaning mat. It gets our nod of approval.

The pad was obviously made to repeal oils and solvents. Spills that might be troublesome on other mats beaded up quickly. There was no mess left over. The non-slip backing was just as reliable, ensuring the mat stayed put even on slick surfaces.

To sum it up, the Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat is a worthy ally in keeping our handguns in top shape. It managed to deliver on its promises while making the cleaning process smoother.

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FIREGEAR Cleaning Kit

FIREGEAR Gun Cleaning Kit

This comprehensive cleaning kit proved essential for maintaining our firearms in top condition.


  • Accommodates various firearm types
  • High-quality brass components
  • Convenient carrying case


  • Can feel a bit crowded with all the items
  • Plastic jags may not be as durable as needed
  • Larger kits may have more specialized tools

We appreciated the Firegear Gun Cleaning Kit after spending some time with it. It caters to different firearms. This is great if you are a collector of different types of guns. It came with multiple cleaning tools, like brass rods and brushes. You can tell it was built to be used over and over again.

Everything that you need for a thorough cleaning comes right in the case. One aspect noted is the slightly cramped feeling due to the case being packed with so many tools. This isn’t a big issue, but it is something to keep in mind, especially if you’re looking to add extra items.

This kit is very comprehensive. It might be a bit overkill for some users, though. For simple jobs, there are almost too many tools. A more extensive kit could be more suitable for those requiring specialized items. We’ve found that this kit has served us well for most maintenance tasks. It offers reliable cleaning for our firearms.

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Rush Creek Quality Gun Cleaning Mat

Rush Creek Gun Mat

Our team put the Rush Creek Creations Portable Gun Cleaning Mat to the test. We were impressed with its versatility and build.


  • Portability is top-notch; unfolding it is a breeze.
  • The added pockets are perfect for keeping our cleaning supplies organized.
  • Using it as a shooting mat is a handy, dual-purpose feature.


  • We noticed that the mat doesn’t roll up as tightly as we’d like for storage.
  • The materials are decent, but we’ve seen more premium feels in similar price ranges.
  • It might be large for those desiring a more compact mat for minimal gear.

Our experience with the Rush Creek Gun Mat has been largely positive. Spreading it out provided ample space for our cleaning tasks. We found its 69″ x 16″ dimension ideal for longer firearms. The waxed canvas repelled dirt well. The wool interior is kind to our guns’ finishes, keeping them unscratched.

Lugging it around to various shooting locations has been hassle-free. The ergonomic handle does its job; no hand fatigue here. The three pockets sealed the deal for us on the convenience front. Whether it’s brushes or cleaning fluids, everything has a spot.

Its ability to double as a shooting mat came in handy on one of our range days. The heavy-duty strap made sure all of the components stayed together. If you frequently switch between cleaning and shooting, this might be a useful mat for you.

The gun cleaning mat from Rush Creek Creations meets our needs for cleaning firearms. It worked great out in the field. The comfort and organization enhanced our experience.

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Marksman Precision Cleaning Kit

Marksman Precision Compact Pistol Cleaning Kit

This kit is an excellent option for keeping handguns in top working condition. The compact design makes it extremely portable.


  • The compact design makes it portable.
  • Includes durable brass CNC precision machined jags
  • Labeled caliber sizes on components for ease of use


  • Gun oil & solvent not included
  • Might be insufficient for larger guns or those with a barrel over 8 inches
  • Limited color options are available.

The Marksman Precision Cleaning Kit worked great during our trip to the range. We found it compact yet full of essential cleaning tools. The brass jags and rods give off a reliable, sturdy feel. There’s no worry about snapping plastic pieces inside the barrel. Everything clicked into place and was clearly labeled. This was a breath of fresh air compared to kits, where you’re left guessing which tool fits which task.

The size of this kit is perfect for carrying in a side pocket of a range bag. The case has a zipper that ensures everything stays inside. There was no rattling or clanging of metal parts. Plus, the lack of foam inserts means no dealing with bits of material clinging to our cleaning tools.

The kit itself doesn’t come with any oil or solution. Most of us choose to use our favorites anyway. That is one thing to know if you’re expecting an all-in-one solution. This kit is made mainly for handguns, so rifle cleaning was as smooth.

The Marksman Precision Cleaning Kit packs a neat punch. The workmanship of the tools is evident, and using them feels secure and efficient. It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t an expansive cleaning system. It’s ideal for someone with handguns who prefers a tidy, transportable kit.

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GLORYFIRE Elite Cleaning Kit

GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit

We found this comprehensive cleaning kit to be a solid choice. It’s great for maintaining a wide range of firearms. It has sturdy components and expansive caliber coverage.


  • Comprehensive selection for various firearms
  • Durable, high-quality materials used
  • Well organized with additional storage space


  • Some components may be surplus to requirements
  • Could be overelaborate for beginner users
  • Consumables may need to be replenished periodically

Tackling gun maintenance with the Gloryfire Elite Cleaning Kit has been straightforward. Every tool in the case plays its part in ensuring our firearms are meticulously cared for. The patented brass rods are a standout. They offer the kind of durability that gives us confidence they’ll last.

The kit covers a wide range of calibers. This makes it a one-stop shop for many of your guns. You can tell that the manufacturer paid close attention to our needs. It doesn’t just supply basic tools, but it has extras. These include steel wire, double-headed brushes, and reinforced rods.

The wide array of tools makes it versatile. It also can make it overwhelming for some users. Beginners might find themselves wondering which tool to use. The more seasoned gun owners among us might pinpoint tools they would rarely use. The quality might persuade you to keep them on hand anyway.

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RamRodz Cleaning System

RamRodz Gun Cleaning Mat

This cleaning system is a comprehensive solution for firearm maintenance. It efficiently caters to a variety of calibers.


  • Versatile selection of cleaning tools for various calibers
  • Includes solvents that are non-toxic and work in extreme conditions
  • Durable chemical-resistant Hypalon mat with a lifetime warranty


  • Cleaning rod extensions might lack durability
  • Heavier than some may prefer for a portable kit
  • Some may find the kit to be at a higher price point

The RamRodz Cleaning System works across a variety of calibers. This makes it a great choice for gun enthusiasts with a diverse collection. The caliber-specific brushes and adapters worked perfectly. We could switch between tools as needed during the cleaning process.

The included high-performance cleaning solution did its job without any unpleasant odors. It was a breeze to use. We especially appreciated that it’s non-toxic. We didn’t have to worry about what the solvent might do to our bodies.

The Hypalon cleaning mat stood out. Its resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet light is impressive. It also has a lifetime warranty. This reassured us of its long-term durability. We found the silicon-infused oiling cloth quite effective for a final polish. This left our firearms not just clean but also well-protected.

One concern we noted was with the plastic rod extensions. While they serve their purpose, they don’t feel as sturdy as the rest of the components. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but something to be mindful of.

While this is a rather comprehensive kit, it is heavier. Some of you may prefer a light kit to take to the range. With its extensive array of tools and features, it does cost more than some basic kits.

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Ultimate Rifle Mat

Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat

The Ultimate Rifle Mat is a solid choice for keeping your gun and parts organized during cleaning.


  • The mat’s rubber backing keeps it in place effectively.
  • The included magnetic tray is very handy for holding small parts.
  • Stitched edges enhance durability, giving it a quality feel.


  • The size might be too large for small working spaces.
  • Strong odors from the mat material can be noticeable at first.
  • The surface can be tough to clean if solvents are spilled on it.

The Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat has a few things worth mentioning. The mat feels substantial and well-made, with a heft that implies it won’t wear out anytime soon. Its non-slip feature works wonders; it stays exactly where you lay it down. We worked with tiny screws and sizable metal pieces. The magnetic tray worked well with them all. It captured and held every item we put in it.

The robustness of the mat’s surface was put to the test with various solvents and lubes. Even after multiple cleanings, the mat didn’t show signs of deterioration. This speaks volumes about its build quality. The graphic details on the mat are impressive. It’s also a functional guide to help you with parts.

We used the mat on different surfaces and under various light conditions. The stitched edges prevent fraying. The mat’s surface texture provided the right amount of cushioning. and resistance to make cleaning our firearms both comfortable and precise. The cleanup afterward was a breeze. Even with the challenge solvents, the mat maintained its integrity.

Any gun enthusiast would appreciate this mat as an upgrade from makeshift solutions. It demonstrates its value through careful design and utility features.

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CKPART Gun Cleaning Mat

CKPART Gun Cleaning Mat

We recommend this mat to anyone looking to make gun maintenance a more organized task.


  • Magnetic pad organizer tray holds small parts securely
  • Made from durable, easy-to-clean rubber material
  • Ample size provides a substantial work area for various firearms


  • The mat might require weight to stabilize until it fully flattens
  • Magnets, while beneficial, may pose a hazard for children if mat are stored carelessly.
  • Rolling the mat for storage might be inconvenient for some users

The magnetic organizer kept our parts secure when using the CKPART gun mat. No longer did we have to worry about losing tiny springs or screws mid-cleanup – it was all safely in one place.

The rubber material felt sturdy under our firearms. It doesn’t seem like it would tear or get punctured by our tools. Clean-up was effortless. The rubber material didn’t absorb any oils or solvents. It was a simple wipe-down.

We also took into account the size of this mat, which is a significant advantage. Whether we’re working on a lengthy rifle or a compact pistol, there’s plenty of room. You can disassemble and clean it without feeling cramped. This extra space also helped protect our work surface.

We found that the mat’s edges tended to curl up fresh out of the box. It took some time or extra weight around the corners for it to lay flat. If you have young ones around, ensure the mat with its magnets is stored safely. This will prevent them from accessing these small parts.

Rolling up the mat for storage was straightforward. Some might not find this method as convenient as folding. It does come with larger hanging holes. This was a smart addition for those who want to hang their cleaning kit.

The CKPART Gun Cleaning Mat meets our expectations. It improves our cleaning routine by keeping our gear organized. Our workspace stayed clean, and our firearms were well-maintained.

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Buying Guide

Size and Portability

When choosing a gun cleaning mat, size matters. Look for a mat that’s large enough to hold all parts of your firearm but can be easily stored.

  • Small – Handguns
  • Medium – Shotguns/Rifles
  • Large – Multiple firearms

Material Quality

We’ll want a mat made of durable materials to withstand solvents, oils, and typical wear and tear.

  • Neoprene – Water resistant, cushioning
  • Rubber – Non-slip, heavy-duty
  • Acrylic Fabric – Absorbent, easy to clean

Design Features

A mat with an informative print may help us with disassembling and reassembling.

  • Printed Graphics – Part names, assembly guides
  • Pockets/Compartments – Keep tools, and parts secure


Consider how easy it is to clean the mat. We prefer a machine-washable mat that can be wiped down without damage.

  • Machine Washable – Convenient, time-saving
  • Wipe Clean – Quick, simple upkeep


Set a budget before shopping. We find a mat that meets our requirements without overpaying.

  • Cost-Effective – Meets basic needs
  • Premium – Additional features, higher durability

Remember, the best gun cleaning mat for us is the one that fits our specific needs. A kit that doesn’t compromise on quality and fits our budget is ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll cover common questions about gun cleaning mats. We will focus on the advantages and features.

What are the key benefits of using a magnetic gun cleaning mat?

The small metal parts stay secured when using a magnetic gun cleaning kit. You won’t lose components. It also helps keep your workspace in order.

How does a silicone gun cleaning mat compare to traditional materials?

Silicone gun cleaning mats are durable. They are resistant to chemicals and provide a non-slip surface. Cloth or rubber are not as resistant. This makes silicon a safer option.

What features should I look for when choosing the best gun-cleaning mat?

You need to be aware of size when choosing a gun cleaning kit. Also, look for a kit that is padded for protection. A non-slip backing and easy-to-clean surface is a must.

Can custom gun cleaning mats provide adequate surface protection and organization?

Custom gun cleaning mats provide ample surface protection from scratches and spills. They also have organizational features tailored to our specific models. These can include molded compartments and magnetic areas.

How do gun cleaning mats with printed diagrams enhance the cleaning process?

Gun cleaning mats with printed diagrams are handy for us as they provide a reference for parts. They also increase our understanding of the gun’s structure. This is especially helpful for novice shooters.

Why might someone opt for an extra large gun cleaning mat, and what are the advantages?

An extra-large gun cleaning mat is perfect for us when working with long guns that need more space. They offer the advantage of more room to work without. You won’t have to reposition the firearm. You can also keep all cleaning supplies within easy reach.