The 14 Best Bowfishing Boats

The appropriate gear is crucial for the sport of bowfishing, which is growing in popularity. The ideal bowfishing boat should be stable, comfortable, and equipped with the features and toughness required for the job. The best bowfishing boats available will be examined in this article, along with the reasons why each one is a wonderful choice for bowfishing fans.

To assist you in selecting a bowfishing boat, we will examine the characteristics and advantages of each boat as well as cost. So let’s get started if you’re prepared to find the perfect boat for your bowfishing requirements.

1. G3 Sportsman Bowfisher 17

For individuals wishing to advance their fishing, the G3 Sportsman Bowfisher 17 is a fantastic choice of recreational watercraft. The boat has a central console for convenient access to all of your fishing gear and a plush pedestal seat that can accommodate up to two people. The bowfisher boasts a trolling motor for increased convenience and lots of storage for all of your tackle and bait. You can cruise the waterways with a quiet four-stroke engine while minimizing noise and environmental impact.

For keeping your catches, the G3 Sportsman Bowfisher 17 also boasts recessed rod holders and an optional livewell. The G3 Sportsman Bowfisher 17 is a great option if you’re searching for a quick and entertaining method to get out on the water and catch some fish.

2. Alumacraft MV 1756

Any outdoor lover will love the lightweight, dependable, and strong Alumacraft MV 1756 fishing boat. The MV 1756’s sleek, low-profile form and shallow draft make it easy to travel through shallow seas. A 50 HP Mercury four-stroke engine powers the boat, giving you more than enough power to travel to your preferred fishing location. The boat also has a lot of storage capacity, which makes it simple to keep all your fishing equipment and other essentials.

The boat is equipped with an anchor, a trailer, and fishing rod holders, so it is available for use immediately. With its comfortable seating and plenty of legroom, you can enjoy a full day of fishing without worrying about running out of room. The Alumacraft MV 1756 is the ideal boat for a day on the water, regardless of whether you are an experienced or novice angler.

3. Tracker Targa V-18 Combo

For fishermen seeking to set out on a fishing expedition, the Tracker Targa V-18 Combo is the ideal vessel. The V-18 Combo offers plenty of space for all your belongings and a smooth ride even in turbulent waters with an 18-foot length and an 8-foot beam. Better visibility and simpler casting are made possible by the boat’s design, which has a low-profile gunwale and a bigger front deck.

Long days on the water are made possible by its built-in livewell and lots of storage room for tackle and other supplies. The Targa V-18 Combo is one of the most trustworthy fishing boats on the market because it also has a 50HP Mercury outboard motor and a bespoke trailer.

4. SeaArk Big Easy Bowfisher

The SeaArk Big Easy Bowfisher is a 19′ bowfishing boat that is incredibly strong, trustworthy, and capable. No matter if you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, the Big Easy will satisfy your desires. The Big Easy is made of SeaArk’s cutting-edge aluminum construction, which is sturdy enough to withstand the harshest circumstances while remaining lightweight and maneuverable.

A front livewell, front and rear fish locators, an anchor winch, and LED lights are among the boat’s many useful features. It also comes with a trolling motor, allowing you the choice to go on even more adventures. For those who wish to advance their bowfishing, the Big Easy is the ideal destination.

5. Crestliner 1750 Fish Hawk

Anglers of all skill levels will enjoy fishing on the Crestliner 1750 Fish Hawk. This boat is equipped with modern features and technologies that improve fishing efficiency and enjoyment. The Crestliner 1750 Fish Hawk is the go-to boat for serious fishermen who want the finest, thanks to its sturdy all-welded aluminum structure, practical trolling motor, and simple-to-use electronics.

The hull is made to offer a steady, comfortable ride on the water. Even in turbulent waters, it aids in keeping the boat in the water. Additionally, the 1750 Fish Hawk has a sizable cockpit area that is ideal for family or group fishing outings. The boat has a lot of storage space as well, including a sizable in-floor locker that is ideal for storing all of your stuff.

The 1750 Fish Hawk also has a lot of cutting-edge technology and amenities, like a trolling motor located on the bow, a Lowrance® fish finder, and a livewell to preserve your catch. There are several other options available with this boat, such as a ski tow pylon, stern boarding ladder, and a trailer package.

The Crestliner 1750 Fish Hawk is the best option for your fishing needs, regardless of your level of experience. It’s a remarkably adaptable boat with a ton of features and technology to make your time on the water more efficient and fun.

6. Alumacraft Pro 175

Anglers of all skill levels will enjoy the Alumacraft Pro 175 fishing boat. The Pro 175 is a great option for fishing in both inshore and offshore seas because it has a broad beam, premium build, and a ton of fishing capabilities. Whatever style of fishing you’re doing, the Pro 175’s strong outboard motor will give you more than enough power.

The boat also has a large bow casting deck, a livewell, storage spaces, and three seats. The Pro 175 is an excellent option for anglers who prefer to go deep into the ocean and stay out for extended periods of time because of its deep-v hull construction and huge storage compartments. The boat is the ideal option for maneuvering through confined spaces because it is lightweight, easy to control, and equipped with a trolling motor.

The Alumacraft Pro 175 is a fantastic boat for fishermen who wish to step up their fishing game thanks to its dependable build and high-quality amenities.

7. Excel 1751 Pro-Drive Bowfisher

Any serious bowfisher must own the Excel 1751 Pro-Drive Bowfisher. It is lightweight and maneuverable, and its 17-foot length enables you to reach those difficult-to-reach places to capture the biggest fish. A strong 36-volt trolling motor with a massive 55 lbs. of thrust is also included with the Pro-Drive Bowfisher, making it the ideal motor for propelling yourself through the water.

The boat is equipped with a trolling motor, LED courtesy lighting, a backlit LCD gauge, and an LED-lit console, making it simple to operate even in dim illumination. And you can be sure that your boat will last for many years thanks to its sturdy aluminum structure and reinforced transom.

8. Lund 1880 Impact XS

When seeking for a dependable and adaptable boat, anglers should seriously consider the Lund 1880 Impact XS. It is the ideal partner for an ardent angler because to its distinctive design and characteristics. Maximum speed and maneuverability on the water are made possible by its aerodynamic design and slender hull.

The Impact XS is prepared for every fishing situation with its ample rod holders, live wells, and storage spaces. The Lund Impact XS also has a number of comfort features that make it simpler to keep comfortable while spending a day on the water, like foldable bow seating and adjustable foot rests.

The Impact XS has strong Mercury, Evinrude, and Yamaha engines, giving you more than enough power to get you to your preferred fishing locations. The Lund 1880 Impact XS is the ideal option for the fisherman searching for a dependable and feature-packed fishing boat, whether you’re casting in the river or trolling a lake.

9. Gator Trax 16′ Bowfishing Boat

Any bowfisher seeking for a dependable, user-friendly boat should choose the Gator Trax 16′ Bowfishing Boat. This boat is composed of high-quality materials that will last for many years and is designed to handle operations in both shallow and deep water. Along with a live well, trolling motor, anchor, and lots of storage space, it has a roomy deck and central console.

The boat also includes a wide range of extras, such as unique consoles, live wells, and a ton of storage. The Gator Trax 16′ Bowfishing Boat is the ideal option for the best bowfishing experience.

10. Crestliner 1860 Retriever Jon

For any angler wishing to advance their fishing, Crestliner’s 1860 Retriever Jon is the ideal boat. This sturdy aluminum boat is made for both professional and leisure fishers, offering a roomy interior and tons of storage.

Even in rough waters, the 1860 Retriever Jon is easy to handle and navigate. It has a large center console with room for your gadgets, bait, and tackle, among other things. Additionally, its broad open gunnels offer the most comfort and casting room.

You may quickly and confidently cruise around the lake or ocean with its dependable outboard motor. You’ll be ready for any fishing adventure with the 1860 Retriever Jon.

11. Gator Trax 18′ Bowfishing Boat

The Gator Trax 18′ Bowfishing Boat is the ideal option for anyone looking for the ideal boat for an exhilarating bowfishing journey. This boat is made to offer the best stability and speed balance possible, making it perfect for bowfishing in any kind of water. Its bow-style construction offers a low center of gravity, and its shallow draft makes manoeuvring in shallow water simple.

Premium features on the boat include a bow-mounted trolling motor, two livewells, a built-in cooler, and lots of storage. Additionally, this boat is covered by a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that you’re obtaining the highest caliber boat available. You can be guaranteed to have a safe and effective bowfishing experience with the Gator Trax 18′ Bowfishing Boat.

12. Polar Kraft Bowfishing Boat

One of the top manufacturers of bowfishing boats is Polar Kraft. Their boats are renowned for their dependability, adaptability, and great performance and are made exclusively for bowfishing. Any bowfishing experience may be accommodated by Polar Kraft’s array of bowfishing boats, which come in a variety of sizes and designs. They have a deep hull and wide beam for maximum stability, as well as a wide gunnel for stability and a low center of gravity.

A wide range of additional attachments, including a rod holder, anchor, and trolling motor, are included with the bowfishing boat so you may tailor it to your specific needs. You can be confident that you are receiving the greatest boat for your bowfishing expeditions with a Polar Kraft bowfishing boat.

13. River Hawk Bowfisher

A top-notch bowfishing bow created with the serious bowfisher in mind is the River Hawk Bowfisher. Long days of bowfishing will be considerably more enjoyable with this bow’s lightweight construction and ergonomic grip. The River Hawk Bowfisher is ideal for taking down bigger fish because it is also highly accurate and has a draw weight of up to 60 lbs.

This bow has a robust overall feel that bowfishers are sure to like. It also has a premium aluminum riser and a 6-inch brace height. The River Hawk Bowfisher will undoubtedly assist any bowfisher up their game with its fantastic appearance, performance, and longevity.

14. Xpress Bowfisher X18

An all-purpose bowfishing boat, the Xpress Bowfisher X18 is ideal for both leisure and competitive bowfishers. The boat has a livewell, a trolling motor, two forward and two back adjustable swivel chairs, and navigation lights. The Xpress Bowfisher X18 has a distinctive design that makes it simple to maneuver in shallow waters and has an aerated livewell to preserve the freshness of your catch.

The boat also has a concealed trolling motor and a 50-inch wide deck with lots of space for bowfishing. This boat is ideal for bowfishermen looking for a dependable, user-friendly vessel that can operate in both shallow and deep waters. The Xpress Bowfisher X18 will help you have a successful and pleasurable day on the lake thanks to its sturdy and lightweight build, which is sure to fulfill all of your bowfishing demands.


In conclusion, bowfishing is a thrilling, rewarding, and occasionally quite pleasurable activity. It is crucial to take into account all of the many aspects while searching for the ideal bowfishing boat because doing so will enable you to select the model that is greatest for your fishing needs. Each bowfishing boat provides something unique and can enhance your experience, from size to pricing, comfort to maneuverability.

Choosing the best solution for you can be challenging given the amazing options available. You can select the bowfishing boat that best suits your needs and will provide you the most fun fishing experience possible, though, by completing your research and doing your study.