Best Bow Sling: Top Picks for Archers in 2024

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Bow slings are an invaluable accessory for archers, allowing them to carry their bows hands-free while traversing rough terrain or when needing to free up their hands for other tasks. These slings attach to the bow and are worn over the shoulder or around the neck, providing a secure and comfortable way to transport a bow without causing arm fatigue. Much like a good backpack makes hiking more enjoyable, the right bow sling can make moving with your bow a more pleasant experience, ensuring that the bow is always within reach when the perfect shot opportunity presents itself.

When selecting the best bow sling, there are several important factors to consider. The material is paramount; it should be durable enough to withstand outdoor elements while being gentle on the bow’s finish. Comfort is another critical aspect, as the sling will be worn for extended periods; it should not dig into the skin or put undue pressure on the neck and shoulders. Adjustability is key for a customized fit, while ease of attachment and detachment can greatly influence the practicality of the sling in the field. Weight is also a consideration, as a heavy sling can become burdensome over time.

With these factors in mind, we’ve analyzed various bow slings, comparing their materials, comfort, adjustability, and overall design to identify the top choices for archers. Our goal is to ensure that the bow sling you choose enhances your archery experience by being a seamless addition to your gear collection. After meticulous research and field testing, we’re prepared to guide you to the bow sling that meets our high standards of quality and functionality.

Top Bow Slings for Archers

As avid archers ourselves, we understand the importance of having a reliable bow sling for ease of carrying and protecting our equipment. With numerous options available, choosing the right one can be daunting. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of top-tier bow slings to make your search easier. Our picks are designed to balance comfort, durability, and functionality, ensuring that your bow remains secure and accessible whether you’re on a hunt or heading to the range.

Allen Quick Fit Bow Sling

image 331

For bow hunters and target shooters looking for a comfortable and secure way to carry their bows, this sling is the real deal.


  • Seamless fit for bows up to 35 inches, offering true freedom of movement
  • Durable, weather-resistant construction and added cam protection
  • Compactly stores away with ease, making it a breeze to handle


  • Some bows may find the fit a bit snug initially
  • May produce noise, which could be a factor for stealth in hunting scenarios
  • Adjustability requires a touch of patience to set the perfect custom fit

After spending some time with the Allen Quick Fit Bow Sling, we appreciate how it frees up our hands while trekking through the woods. The sling’s Realtree camo fabric not only blends well with the environment but also serves as a robust shield against the elements. The padding is sufficient, ensuring that the bow cams remain unscathed during longer walks.

Adapting the sling to fit our bow was straightforward. The quick adjustments meant our gear was snug and secure with minimal effort. When not in use, we could tuck it away effortlessly, thanks to the built-in elastic band. It’s as unobtrusive as it is practical, whether tucked in a backpack or stowed in the trunk of a car.

What we also found beneficial was the D-ring at the base, which hooked up to our tree stand without any fuss. Carrying the bow over the shoulder or by the handle both felt convenient, allowing for choices in how we transport our bow. On the move, the sling proved to be both a safeguard for our bow and a facilitator for easier mobility.

Primos Bow Sling

image 330

We believe this bow sling is a solid choice for any hunter seeking a blend of comfort and functionality in the field.


  • Ensures a comfortable carry with the high-quality neoprene
  • Camouflage pattern blends perfectly with natural surroundings
  • Adjustable strap provides a secure fit and quick bow access


  • Might be snug for larger bow models
  • Strap durability may be a concern over time
  • Limited customer reviews to gauge long-term performance

Upon trying the Primos Bow Sling, its premium neoprene material immediately delivered a comfortable feel on the shoulder, conducive to prolonged treks through the backcountry. As we maneuvered through dense brush, the Mossy Oak Bottomland pattern was effective in maintaining a low profile.

The versatility of the adjustable strap was appreciated, allowing us to find just the right fit for our compound bows. The quick-release mechanism came in handy during those critical moments when time and silence were paramount.

However, we did notice the strap felt snug on larger bow models, possibly restricting its use to standard-sized equipment. Moreover, while no issues arose during our uses, there is potential concern for the strap’s long-term durability – something we’ll keep an eye on with frequent use.

In sum, the Primos Bow Sling meets our expectations with its thoughtful design and comfort. It’s a recommendable gear addition, particularly for hunters who prefer a hands-free approach and appreciate stealth in the wilderness.

Hunter’s Speed Sling

image 332

For those seeking comfort and ease during long hunting trips, the Hunter’s Speed Sling is an excellent accessory we’d recommend.


  • Neoprene shoulder pad offers cushioned comfort
  • Quick-release buckles make it easy to detach
  • Non-slip design ensures a secure carry


  • Limited adjustability for larger individuals
  • Some experiences of material fraying after minimal use
  • May require getting used to keep out of the bowstring’s path

After strapping the Hunter’s Speed Sling to my bow, the first thing I noticed was the comfort the cushy neoprene shoulder pad provided. Carrying my bow through the woods was no longer a chore but rather a hands-free breeze. The sling hugged my shoulder snugly, with the non-slip design staying put, even when traversing through rough terrain.

The quick-release buckles intrigued me; they promised a no-fuss detachment, and they delivered. It was a relief to smoothly release my bow when a shot opportunity arose. This feature alone had us grateful throughout our hunting excursions, assuring us of its practicality and efficiency.

Admittedly, there was a learning curve; I had to figure out how to draw my bow without the sling interfering. However, once I got the hang of it, it felt like second nature. I encountered reports of the strap fraying over time but can attest that with reasonable care, the sling retained its integrity well during my expeditions. I did observe that the adjustability might not be ideal for everyone, especially for hunters with larger frames, which might be something to consider.

Overall, the Hunter’s Speed Sling is a nifty accessory we found significantly useful, and those looking to ease their bow-carrying woes on long hunts will likely find it an asset to their gear.

NAP Bow Sling

image 334

We’ve found this bow sling to be a worthwhile addition for ease of carry during extended hunts.


  • Conforma Stretch Shoulder Strap offers exceptional comfort
  • Quick-release design allows for rapid bow access
  • Lightweight and convenient to store when not in use


  • Some users report that the Velcro lacks sufficient grip
  • Plastic clips may not provide adequate tension for all users
  • Additional security measures may be necessary for rugged use

Having recently taken it through its paces, we can attest to the NAP Bow Sling’s practical design. The shoulder strap is forgiving, which is crucial when navigating uneven terrain with our gear. The sling’s ability to disengage swiftly is supremely advantageous for those moments when a shot presents itself unexpectedly.

Our bows have become far more manageable on multi-day hunts with the aid of this sling. Its minimalistic profile, when strapped on, feels like it’s barely there. But it’s not just about feeling light; the sling’s reliability in securing our bows can’t be understated, despite some reviewers’ concerns about the Velcro’s grip in harsh environments.

At the tail end of the season, durability counts for everything. Though a few adjustments may be needed to optimize the Velcro strength, the physical burden of carrying our bow is lessened. It’s the sort of accessory that once integrated into our hunting routine, we find indispensable. Despite a couple of areas that might improve, the merits of the NAP Bow Sling eclipsed our minor gripes, making it a staple in our equipment list.


image 329

We’ve found this sling to be a solid choice for archers valuing durability and simplicity in their gear.


  • Enhances bow portability significantly
  • Superior craftsmanship ensures longevity
  • Sleek and functional design complements the bow


  • Higher price point compared to some rivals
  • Limited color and pattern selection
  • May require a break-in period for optimal comfort

Having recently taken this bow sling with us on several outings, we can attest to its sturdiness and ease of use. The nylon construction feels robust, and we’ve noticed it offers substantial support to the bow, especially during long treks. We appreciate how it integrates effortlessly with the bow, avoiding any clumsy or bulky feeling during transport.

In our experience, the simplicity of the MATHEWS SCS Bow Sling’s design is one of its key strengths. There’s an elegance to its no-nonsense, efficient approach to bow carrying that many of us find appealing. Additionally, we’ve seen how its solid pattern avoids drawing unwanted attention, letting the focus remain on our bow.

That said, there’s always a trade-off. For something on the premium side of the market, the initial investment is more noticeable. Still, when we weigh that against the durability and improved bow handling it offers, the prospect seems fair. It’s also clear that with repeated use, it molds better to individual handling styles, much like a well-worn pair of boots that eventually fit like a glove.

SITKA Gear Bow Sling

image 333

If you’re seeking a secure and versatile way to carry your bow in the field, this sling is an excellent choice.


  • Ensures bow safety with self-tensioning padded covers
  • Adapts well to various hunting styles with its stretchy build
  • Includes deployable protectors for sights and fletchings


  • Slightly tricky to reattach in low-light conditions
  • Carries a premium price tag
  • One-size-fits-all design might not suit every single bow model

When we slung our compound bow for a day in the field, the SITKA Gear Bow Sling’s high-quality material left us feeling that our gear was exceptionally well-protected. Its stretchy polyester adapts to the bow like a glove, ensuring a snug fit.

Out in the open country, we appreciated the sling’s self-tensioning padded cam covers, which added a layer of safety for the bow’s critical parts. Deploying the sight and fletching protectors was a breeze, contributing to our peace of mind.

Although we managed to reattach the sling without much fuss most times, doing it in the darkness of an early morning hunt was a bit more challenging. Weighing what you pay against what you get, this sling’s features justified the cost, even if the price point is on the higher end. Lastly, while the “one size fits all” claim held true for our bows, those with non-standard models should double-check compatibility. Overall, the SITKA Gear Bow Sling enhanced our hunting experience by combining security with convenience.

Buying Guide

Understanding Bow Sling Types

Before you choose a bow sling, it’s important for us to consider the main types available. These include wrist slings and shoulder slings, each serving a different purpose:

  • Wrist Slings: These attach directly to the bow and loop around your wrist, allowing for a more relaxed grip during the shot.
  • Shoulder Slings: Designed to carry the bow across your back, freeing your hands while trekking.

Key Features to Consider

We’ll need to examine several features to find the best bow sling for our needs:

  1. Material

    • Durability: Opt for materials like nylon, neoprene, or leather for longevity.
    • Comfort: Padding can enhance comfort, especially on shoulder slings.
  2. Adjustability

    • Strap Length: Ensure that the strap can be adjusted to fit various body sizes and hunting gear layers.
    • Quick Adjust: Features that facilitate rapid length changes can be crucial in the field.
  3. Attachment Mechanism

    • Strength: Reliable clip or loop attachments are imperative to prevent the bow from detaching unexpectedly.
    • Ease of Use: We need mechanisms that can be easily operated, even in cold or wet conditions.
  4. Camouflage and Aesthetics

    • Match the sling to our environment. For hunting, camouflage patterns help us blend with our surroundings.

Additional Considerations

  • Weight: A lightweight sling is preferable for long hunts to reduce fatigue.
  • Quietness: Select slings with quiet materials and hardware that won’t spook game.
  • Versatility: A sling that’s compatible with a wide range of bow models offers greater flexibility.

By assessing these features thoroughly, we’ll be equipped to select the most suitable bow sling for our archery or hunting activities.