45-70 vs a Moose

Few cartridges are better suited for hunting huge animals than the 45-70, and the moose is no exception. Even the most seasoned hunters may find the moose to be a daunting obstacle due to its size, thick hide, and sturdy bone structure.

This article will give a thorough analysis of the 45-70 round’s capacity to kill mooses. We’ll examine the 45-70 round’s performance and history, talk about the finest loads for killing mooses, and contrast the 45-70 with other widely used moose-hunting calibers. So continue reading to find out more about the 45-70 if you want to hunt moose with a strong, dependable round.

Can You Kill a Moose with a 45-70?

It is possible to kill a moose with a 45-70, but it is not advised. Although the 45-70 is a strong round that can dispatch huge wildlife, the moose is a big, robust animal that needs a bigger bullet to guarantee a clean death. Large creatures like moose can be challenging to kill, even with a bullet that is heavier.

The 45-70 is a well-liked round for deer and black bear hunting, and it can occasionally be used for moose hunting, although it is not the best option. For killing a moose, a heavier, more potent cartridge is preferable, such as a.338 Winchester or.375 H&H. The 45-70 will work, but it might not be a clean kill and the animal might suffer more than is necessary.

Use the proper tools when hunting moose to ensure a speedy and humane capture. A 45-70 can be used to kill a moose by a good hunter, but it is not recommended as a first option. The task is best served by heavier bullets and more potent rounds, which will result in a cleaner, more humane murder. Most of the time, it is preferable to upgrade to a larger caliber before attempting to kill a moose with a 45-70.

What is a What is a 45-70??

Lever-action rifles are the main platforms for the 45-70 rifle cartridge. Given that the US government created the 45-70 in 1873, it is also known as the 45-70 Government. It is a very potent round that is mostly used for hunting large animals like elk and moose. The 45-70 can fire a.458 caliber 500 grain bullet at a speed of 1,200 feet per second, making it an extremely potent round that can easily take down huge wildlife.

Due to its strength and precision, the 45-70 round is a favorite among hunters. It has been used in contests for more than a century and is a well-liked round for long-range target shooting.

The 45-70 round is particularly adaptable and may be loaded with a wide variety of various bullet types. The 45-70 rifle’s standard ammunition is a soft lead flat nose bullet, although it can also be loaded with hollow points, wadcutter rounds, and pointed soft point bullets. The shooter can select the ideal bullet for the task at hand thanks to the diversity of available ammunition.

The 45-70 is a fairly potent round that can easily dispatch large game. It is a well-liked round for both long-range target shooting and big game hunting. It is a flexible round that may be equipped with various bullet types to meet the needs of the shooter.

What Size Rifles Should You Use for Moose Hunting?

The size of the gun you use when hunting moose is a crucial consideration. A.30-06 is the most popular caliber of rifle used for moose hunting, however other calibers are also available. The correct size gun must be used for the task at hand to avoid endangering the animal or, worse still, failing to dispatch it humanely.

The terrain and the size of the moose will determine the size of the weapon you use for moose hunting. Generally speaking, experts advise hunters to use a.270 for smaller moose and a.30-06 for larger moose. Due to its vast selection of bullet types and ability to dispatch a huge moose, the.30-06 is a well-liked choice. It is also a dependable choice for moose hunting in thick brush or forest.

The size of the moose you’re hunting as well as the terrain should be taken into account while selecting a rifle for moose hunting. Using a rifle with a higher caliber may be the best option if you’re hunting in a wide-open space without any obstacles. However, a lower caliber can be more appropriate if you’re hunting in dense undergrowth or forest. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the rifle’s size should correspond to the size of the moose you’re hunting.

Last but not least, it’s crucial to keep in mind to practice using your rifle before going on a hunt. To be ready for any situation when hunting, it’s critical to always be aware of how your rifle operates and to practice shooting from various angles.

Making the best rifle size choices for moose hunting is a crucial choice that has to be given serious study and consideration. It’s important to do your homework regarding the size of the moose you’ll be hunting, the terrain you’ll be in, and the size of the gun you’ll need. You’ll be able to successfully hunt moose with the correct size rifle with careful planning and practice.


In conclusion, the 45-70 round has shown to be one of the most dependable and potent rounds for hunting and is a great option for shooting moose. This round is perfect for killing a moose because of its dependable performance; it has enough strength and stopping power to finish the job. For hunters who wish to confidently take down larger game, it is a great option.